I am grateful for all those who have put their lives on the line so that I could happily reside in a land where I am free to come and go as I please and make my own choices. Thank you to all who made it possible.

One of the things I choose to do is work out. I choose it, but it isn’t quite as friendly back to me. I go. I am getting better. But I’m still old and feeble and one of the best whiners at my box. I usually have the worst scores on the board and if I don’t, it is simply some sort of fluke. The only thing that can be said in my favor is that I’m committed – or should be.

This week had a group of WODs that played right into my weaknesses. Okay, that’s not hard. Almost everything is a weakness. I’m trying real hard right now to think of a strength, but all I can come up with is that I show up.

Monday’s WOD was cleans and ring dips. Of course, I didn’t do the same weight as the big kids and I can’t do a ring dip and I was the last one done. Tuesdays are my rest day – thank God. The WOD was a 20 minute AMRAP which included burpees. All body weight stuff, though.

Wednesday’s WOD was running. I hate running. Always. It included running backwards. I don’t even want to run frontwards. I couldn’t like it.

Thursday’s WOD as written:
2 rounds
1 min clean 115/85
1 min OHS 115/85
2 min rest
1 min double unders
1 min ab mat sit ups
2 min rest
Then: 15 min handstand work

I hate overhead squats. One more thing I suck at. I don’t even remember what weight bar I used, but I think it was 53# for the cleans. It was heavy for me but not what was written. But I can’t do more than a 22# bar for the squats. I know the cleans were supposed to be lighter because that’s not the normal weight for anything in CrossFit. So I would have had more cleans if I had used the same bar for both, or had no squats or something. I used two bars since I was doing this doing open gym and no one cared. I couldn’t get a double under to save my life. I ended up with a score of 120 reps for the day. Comparison is the thief of joy so I won’t mention that lots of people were in the 175-225 range for rep counts.

I did manage to get upright on the wall, but it wasn’t really a handstand. I had my head resting on a mat, but I did get upright a couple times.

There was a Fourth of July WOD held at the parking garage downtown. It is four stories and there was a 4 min AMRAP on each floor and a break in between and it sounded like fun. I don’t work out three days in a row because I’m old and feeble and things just hurt too much if I do that. So I stayed home.

But that means I should work out on Saturday to get my fourth time in although for the last two weeks I have only managed three WODs per week. So I went, but there wasn’t a WOD on the books I wanted to do. I made up my own.

Today’s WOD as written by me:
(I kept the rep scheme for the week but did my deadlifts)
5@ 75%; 3@85%; 1@95% (add 5# to your one rep max before calculating)
Then I stole something from Conviction Training Facility (my son’s CrossFit)
C: CF Benchmark workout: “Grace”
30 G2OH for time: 135/95
LIII: 115/75
LII: 95/65
LI: Weights of choice. Hang power cleans okay.

I warmed up and increased my loathsome run to 300 meters because I’m a glutton for punishment and what the hell. I did any number of other things. Before I left for the box, I used a calculator to see that I should be doing 111, 125, and 140 pounds for the deadlifts. I start with a 33# bar and none of those were actually going to work. I did 113, 128, and 138 and while I was still at home and had all my brain cells working, I figured out which plates would work to get me to those weights.

I warmed up first and then kept adding more weight and managed to do all the reps as I had written. I did three lifts in a row at my body weight. That’s kinda nice. I know it’s still a low deadlift weight – but I’m not comparing what others can do, I’m only rejoicing in being able to do what I couldn’t even dream of doing when I first started.

While still at home, I also looked up the last time I did Grace. The last time was 51 weeks ago and I managed to do the 30 moves in 8.21 using a 32# bar.

While it said that hang power cleans were okay, I did touch and go with my 42# bar. My goal was to get the thing done before the time capped out. That was asking a lot. I increased my weight by one-third and cutting a couple minutes off was more than a quarter less time.

But I told Ryan what my plan was so I couldn’t weenie out. I got set up and when the clock started, all I could think of was to pace and breathe. I managed 9 reps before I had to pause and when I looked, my heart rate was 170. I don’t think it got under 160 again before I was finished and I don’t think it went over 180. I managed the rest of the reps either in sets of 4 or 5 and finished in 5.13.

That was a ten pound increase in weight and more than three minutes less time. It made the rest of my sucky week suck less. I really am getting better at this and if I would stop comparing myself to kids young enough to be my children or even grandchildren, I would be happier with where I am today. I’m going to a party this afternoon and I’m going to bet that no one there, not even the men, could manage to do my work out today, even with my weights, and beat my time. I continually compare myself to those doing better without giving myself credit and comparing myself to people who never move off the couch.