Another busy weekend in Hilton Head. But instead of hosting nearly 200 athletes, Craig and Dayna hosted six Princesses as Frankie celebrated her fifth birthday with a Frozen themed party. It was fabulous and fun. And all the little princesses were precious beyond belief. They sang and danced to the songs as they watched the movie in a room that was turned into an ice cave. They were adorable as they were wearing their own newly crafted Elsa capes. It was a fantastic day for Princess Frankie/Elsa.


It was also the second week in a row when I did not work out on Saturday. I had considered working out in the garage on Sunday and then unconsidered it. I got some writing things taken care of and mostly wasted the entire day being a slug and just relaxing. I did make my own Alfredo sauce last night and although it turned out all right, I have some improvements for next time.

The WOD was not posted before nine last night and I had to get to bed so I could get up at the crack of dawn. So I had no idea what we would be doing this morning and couldn’t fret about not being able to do it all night long. So I slept instead. I did look this morning because I have to dress appropriately for certain things. Sit-ups require different pants/shorts so I don’t get ass rash, for instance. There were no sit-ups today.

Todd and Cindy are on vacation and Ricky has left for training. Dave and Brett were there before me but it looked like it would just be the three of us. Steve showed up just before class started. There had been nine people at the 5 AM class. I just can’t imagine getting up that early each day. That is real commitment.

Warm-up was stuff and when we were deemed warm, we moved on to the workout.

Today’s WOD as written:
Strict press 5@75% 3@85% 1@95%
(add 5 lbs to max and recalculate %)
cleans (135/95)
ring dips
(the goal is 10-12 minutes, scale accordingly)

Since my one rep max is so little, there really isn’t any room for anything other than 32, 37 and 42 pounds no matter what the rep scheme is. The percentages be damned and the added weight doesn’t matter because there is nothing in there to work with at such low weights. I did the reps as written and then just to see if it was possible, I did one rep at 47 and managed that, too.

Coach Ryan asked if I had a previous time for Elizabeth and I had no idea. Since it wasn’t posted last night, I didn’t have time to look it up. But now that I’m home, it is possible to look and see what I had. Nothing. It appears I have never done this particular named WOD before so I have no idea about improvement determined by comparing two numbers.

But I did Elizabeth today with that same 47# bar. Last week, I managed a 57# bar but only did 28 cleans and was really, really tired at the end and it did not have anything in there like a ring dip. In order to get this done near the times requested, I asked and was told that the 47# would work.

I needed a band assist for the ring dips and used a green band throughout even though I had a blue (smaller) band available just in case I felt jockish. I never did. I felt whipped.

I managed the first 11 cleans unbroken and then mostly peaked out. I can’t even remember if I did the other ten unbroken or had to rest, but I think I had to rest. The ring dips were awful. The rings always sway and I nearly toppled forward onto my face, but recovered. I got them done, eventually, in fits and starts and was able to get back to the bar.

On the 15, I broke the cleans into sets of five and tried to do the same with the ring dips but didn’t manage that at all. I eventually got the things done. I think everyone else was finished before I even started my nine round. I did the cleans in 5 and 4 and then got to the rings again. I managed them in 5 and 4 as well and finished in 9.30.

My heart rate was too high most of the time. I would try to get it back under 165 before starting back to work. I really wish I had more stamina and endurance, but I don’t know how to overcome decades of sitting around eating potato chips and reading books while nestled into the corner of the couch. I guess the only way to get better is to keep trying. So I will.