I am officially on my weekend and there is no reason in the world to get up early. So I didn’t. I was awake at 4 AM and figured I was just going to have a long day and then next thing I knew it was 6.50 and I was just waking up. What a lovely surprise.

I grabbed a protein shake and threw on some clothes and hit the gym. It was already getting hot, but not too bad. I didn’t look but it was probably in the high 70s with a heat index in the low 80s. A nice balmy summer day.

I took myself on a little run because I hate running and so force myself to at least do some. I don’t know if this will ever make me like it any more but at least I can manage to hate it a little less after each run is finished. I warmed up some more and then got set up for the WOD.

Kim had been working at it while I was warming up and it looked nasty. I should have paid a bit more attention because I probably chose poorly when picking my weight. She was using a 45 pound bar unless that was an empty 33 pound bar. But I believe it was the bigger one.

Today’s WOD as written:
4 rounds
6 Hang power snatch
9 over the bar burpees
Rest 2:00 between rounds
3×20 GHD or 3×30 abmat sit ups (rest a minute between sets)

All sorts of caveats were added to board. No muscle up, must have at least some dip in the catch, both feet over the bar at once, and even reminders of what constitutes a sit-up.

I had a 22 pound bar with 5 pound plates so that it was a bit higher for the jumping part of the burpees. That part was nice. The dumb part is that is really my max on a snatch of any type; I simply suck at overhead stuff.

I can’t even do a handstand let alone a push-up after it, so I did one wall walk and made sure I was vertical enough for my golf skirt part of my shorts to fall down.

Then the six power snatches which were really too heavy but I didn’t have enough energy even during the two minute rest to just grab an empty bar for this.

On the first round, I actually did burpees and jumped over the bar – for the first seven. I was already in trouble and had to walk in and out but still managed a hop. On the next three rounds, I was lucky to walk them in and out and step over the bar.

My heart rate was high, but I couldn’t really see it. I have to wear my better wrist straps when I do overhead stuff because my wrists are weak and crumple and hurt. This seems like a bad thing. Getting the added support helps with all of it, but then I can’t wear my watch since it doesn’t fit over the straps. So I leave it on the floor and just look when I need to. But it takes a few seconds to find the signal so I look rarely. Today, I just looked during the two minutes of rest. I looked at the beginning to see how high I was, and I looked at the end to see where I was starting from.

My heart rate got below 150 for each round, but it crawled much higher during the work. I managed all six power snatches for the first three rounds, but had to break them in half for the last round. I had to walk the burpees in and out but managed to not stop until the last round when I simply couldn’t make myself move and so had to pause and take a couple deep breaths before continuing.

My times for the rounds were 1.53/1.56/2.00/2.22 which was fairly in line with others. My weight was my problem. I think it would have been better to have a lower weight and get better burpees going, but as I said, I chose poorly.

I got my bearings, took a picture of my times so I could remember the damn things and that took three trips to the bench to retrieve my phone because I couldn’t concentrate long enough to remember what the hell I was trying to do. I kept stopping to talk to people who were there and would forget what my main goal was.

But then I had to get to the “then” part of this day. It didn’t sound that bad. I have tried the GHD thing just once and I don’t feel safe enough with that without supervision. I can do 30 sit-ups without too much problem. I did. The next 30 weren’t quite as easy and the last 30 had me making little, unladylike noises by the end. But I got them all done (with the rests included) at 7.20.

I threw the top back on the go-kart and headed east. When I got home Dick took one look at me and said, “You look terrible; it must have been a good workout.” Ah, the life of a jock.