Yesterday was both my rest day and Todd’s fiftieth birthday. He requested Filthy Fifty as the WOD. I am grateful beyond belief for not going to the box on Tuesdays because even though I love Todd (and Cindy) I do not love Filthy Fifty. I don’t remember how much I scaled it the last time, but I was happy to not have to worry about that this week. Happy birthday, Todd.

I do go to the box on Wednesdays and so I went today. I won’t be back at the 6 AM time slot until next week. I was very excited to see Ricky’s car in the parking lot. I got to say goodbye to him. He took a job with the US Marshalls and will be leaving for training on Monday. After training he will be working out of Washington, D.C. He started at the box just a few months after I did but not in anywhere near the same shape as me. Former Marine, younger than my baby, great shape.

He has supported, kidded, joked, teased, and been happy with my successes for a year and a half. I will miss him and his sense of snide humor. I will be the last of the original 6 AMers. Candace is still there, but she works out at 5 AM now. There is a new group of people, but … things just keep changing. Good luck in all you do, Ricky. And stay safe.

We warmed up and learned some new progressions for both the pull-up and the push-up. There will be no more kipping until you have a strict pull-up on the board. No more wormy push-ups allowed. There are progressions for each of these and they will be acceptable substitutions until we get strong enough to do the proscribed moves. I’m good with that.

Today’s WOD as written:
Back Squat 3 @ 80% / 3 @ 85% / 3 @ 90%
(add 5 lbs to max and recalculate %)
2K row for time

I wore slightly high heel shoes for the last two days. It’s only like an inch or less, but they aren’t really flats. I also did a bunch of cleans on Monday with higher than normal weight. I have no idea what happened, but by the time I was walking to the parking garage last night, I was having pains in both knees right behind the patella. It was annoying and stopped if I didn’t move.

This morning on the warm-up, my knees were doing okay. But after the first ten warm-up back squats, my left knee was pinging in there. I decided to see if it would work out. I added some weights to the bar and tried again and it seemed less annoying. So I went ahead and did the three at 83, 88, and 93 pounds. Adding 5% to low numbers and then having only a certain amount of weight to adjust the bar doesn’t leave much room for increasing my numbers. But I did get all the reps done but I can’t really promise, guarantee, or swear on a Bible that I broke parallel on the last one.

I know it is hard to believe, but I was whining about the row. It is such a mindless thing and it takes me for freaking ever to get done. I have never broken a 5 minute 1k so I was hoping to not be still rowing when everyone else was already home and half way through breakfast.

Since we had the rowers set to count backwards and post the time when finished, we didn’t all need to start together. I was done with my back squats and so I started the row while others were doing their last set or putting their equipment away.

I was hoping to get in under twelve minutes. Cindy was hoping for less than ten. Todd and Ricky did not mention what their goals were. We stagger started but we were all finished within a minute or so of each other. Ricky was done in 7.15. Todd finished with a number where he was happy, under 8 minutes. Cindy not only was less than ten minutes, but less than nine. Me? I finished at 10.51.4. I did not break a five minute 1k mark, but I beat a 5.5 minute pace. The last time I did this (that I can find) my time was 11.29 so I’m better than that which is the true goal of CrossFit – being better than you were before.

My heart rate when I finished was 175 and I was dripping. I don’t usually work that long without pause. We went for a cool down stroll through the parking lot. As I wrote my score on the board, I put a nice RX after the time. I so rarely get to do that, so I take every chance. I don’t know how one would have scaled this, but I didn’t. Then it was time to say goodbye to Ricky and go home.