I am a writer. I’ve always loved words and even before kissing the Blarney Stone, they spewed forth with amazing speed. I have my words scattered around the internet here and there and am published in a few places. Words are my avocation. I offered to help with any word stuff for CrossFit Summerville and was asked earlier this week to write up something about doing a WOD in the park during Summerville’s Third Thursday event.

I’ve been stewing about it ever since. I want to be more active in my participation. I want to actually be involved and be a jock and be one of the regular folks at the box. I’m scared shitless by this stuff. The people in my time slot are pretty regular so I’m not exposed to many people other than those that know me and my limitations. But I’ve been going to open gym more often. More of the people there know me and are kind and supportive.

But going out in public, old and all that stuff, was scaring me. I know too many people in town and didn’t want anyone I know to see me having to scale everything back and I always have to scale everything back. And I wasn’t sure how many CrossFitters would be there who didn’t know me and I would have to look like some kind of nut there.

I went.

I sent a message to Kim today to ask her to please bring along weenie weights, if there was going to be weights, so that I wouldn’t have to be a total ass. She assured me all would be well. So, I’ve been a little edgy all day but we both went to beautiful historic downtown Summerville for this event. The box people got to meet my husband and he got to put some faces to the people I talk about all the time.

It was a semi-shaded spot and the temperature was a balmy 91⁰ with a heat index of 95. Every once in a while there would be a soft breeze. I was melting before we were done with the warm-up.

Today’s WOD as written:
3 rounds
40 KBS
20 Slam balls
15 sit ups
2 min rest between rounds

Using cell phone clocks to get our minutes of rest timed was the trickiest part. I grabbed the 25# KB and used a 25# slam ball. I had a towel near my abmat for the sit-ups hoping to not get my clothes grass stained. Cory thought that was a good idea and emulated it.

I knew I couldn’t manage that rep scheme. I figured I would cut the kettlebell swings and the slam balls in half and do the sit-ups as written since they were actually no big deal. I did the first round that way. I got all 20 kettlebell swings done before I stopped and I wasn’t feeling bad, but my heart rate was 178. I knew I couldn’t start the slam balls like that. I waited. And waited. And waited some more. I got to 168 and figured I could wait until the cows came home or I could get back to work. I did the ten slam balls and got to work on the sit-ups. I called for time and knew I had two minutes to rest and try to get my heart rate back under 150.

I accosted Ryan to ask what I should do. If my heart rate was that high when it had been low to start, I was thinking I might not like the next round at all. Cheri, who I believe is a nurse, said I didn’t die with a heart rate of 178 and so it must be all right. I don’t know if she works CCU or not, but I did and I didn’t think it was the best plan. But … I could rest more.

Ryan said to cut back to 15 and 5 and keep the sit-ups. I did the next two rounds with the KB broken in half with eight and then seven. And then I did the slam balls and the sit-ups and hoped like hell I didn’t puke in the middle of the park. I didn’t, but it was tempting. I finished in 12.55, one of the first to be done since I had scaled it back so far.

Everyone got finished and Dick and I left and went to the Greek restaurant and apparently I didn’t look too good since a couple people asked if I was okay. I was beet red and had grass on my back. I was breathing hard and dripping sweat. I explained that I had been working out in the park. We got sat down. My water was hot since it had assumed room temperature out there and that was 91⁰ which is a little warm. I asked for ice water as soon as we were seated. I was brought her biggest cup of water, I would guess 32 ounces.

We had a lovely dinner and I went through two of the glasses of water. We had dessert and then I went to see if they were still working the 6 PM class but they had just finished before I got back. I guess I shouldn’t have had dessert.

I made it through the WOD. I had to scale more than I thought I might, but I didn’t die or puke or even pass out. I also didn’t see anyone I knew, although I have no idea if anyone I knew saw me since I was working too hard to be scanning the crowd.

I would have liked to have been strong enough to stick with that 20/10 rep scheme but I liked even more that I didn’t throw up in a public place.