I learned from the Whole Life Challenge that daily mobilization is a wonderful thing. Spending just ten minutes each day forestalls many problems and leads to greater well being. I promised myself I would keep it up even when the points for it stopped. I didn’t. Of course, I would stop. I knew I would stop. Even though it was really good for me, there was no reward and I’m all about the reward.

Okay, I know the reward is/was that I would feel better all the time, but I don’t feel THAT bad all the time anyway and ten minutes when I’m wasting hours doing nothing seems so … I have no excuse. I just quit even though I knew it was stupid. I need a reward.

So yesterday, I thought of a reward. It had to be something not chocolate and certainly couldn’t be buying something since I do that anyway. What would I like that I don’t normally have and that would help me on my goal to a healthier life? I figured out that I really like my massages but I will only do the hour because I’m cheap. So, my reward will be to earn that extra thirty minutes by doing mobilization for thirty days.

And then I was getting ready for bed last night and still hadn’t done the mobilization. So there I was in my jammies, mobilizing. I got my first day in.

It has been so nice sleeping in. I haven’t gotten up early and to the alarm clock since last Monday. It was horrible this morning. I couldn’t hardly keep my eyes open. I stumbled around and finally got myself put together enough to leave for the box.

Warm-ups are warm-ups but today Coach Ryan decided we would need hot shoulders and so we really worked on that. Holding a plate overhead, lunge down the mat – like it is easy. The last time I tried this stunt was over a year ago and I was crippled for weeks. Lunging takes the wind out of my sails. I did the mat with a 5# plate overhead and managed. My knee did not hurt. Dodged that bullet. Then, take a kettlebell and with one hand holding it straight up, lunge down the mat. I balked. He said half way or five lunges or just try it. I used the weenie 10# kettlebell and got half way. Then we stretched and we went back. So I guess I lunged down the mat by tricking myself.

Today’s WOD as written:
Strict press 5 @ 75%
5 @ 80%
5 @ 85% (add 5 lbs to max and recalculate %)
5 OHS (95/65)
5 box jumps (24/20)
ME burpees

I sometimes get to feeling like I’m some sort of athlete and then reality strikes and I remember that I’m just a Little Old Lady instead. Today was that day. Last week, on deload week, I couldn’t manage five reps of what for me was not 75% but 80% because my one rep max is so low, there is not real wiggle room for the percentages. To add weight and then add to the percentage was going to have me failing so miserably that we would have to hold a wailing service on my behalf.

I pointed out my attempts last week and my failings with those attempts. Ryan wanted me to get the reps in so I stuck with 32, 37, and 42 pounds and worked to see what could happen. I got the first two weights easily. Well, considering. On the 42# I got the first three without too much trouble. The fourth was struggling but still a strict press. The fifth went up, but it was with a bit of a kipping movement that would have made it a no rep if someone was judging it.

Then on to the workout.

The whole idea was to get the OH squats done without breaking them so the weight had to be what would let you accomplish this. I hate, loathe, detest, despise, abominate OH squats. I feel so clumsy and out of balance and like I’m going to fall over or drop the bar on my head or possibly both.

I chose to use the teeny baby 22# bar and put it on some parallettes so it was easier to pick up. I also used just a 12” box even though I’m sure I could have cleared at least 14” on each jump but I was too lazy to bring over a 25# plate to make sure. The last time this sort of WOD was presented, Cory and I played with it and made the reps just 2 and 2 and then burpees until the 30 second mark. I told Ryan about that he liked the idea.

So I did 2 OH squats and 2 box jumps and then did burpees with 3, 3, two for the rest of each minute until the last minute and then just kept going to the end.

What that doesn’t say up there is that it was a 7 EMOM and I was thinking it was going to be ten. Since it was overhead work, I had my good wrist bands on and no place for a watch, so I could only check my heart rate intermittently. I think I like that better since there is no beeping unless I’m really looking. The issue is that it takes a few seconds for it to register. That didn’t matter today because I was only checking while I was resting anyway.

By the end my score was 23 burpees and my heart rate was 173. Maybe what I should do is turn off the beep and only look when I start feeling crappy and see if it is weakness or heart rate that is the cause. And I really should probably ask a doctor what I should do but that just seems too logical and so …

After I cooled off a bit I worked on my real push-ups and got through six with holding myself tight and really planking up and down and then I ran out of steam. Now the only goal left for the day is that mobilization thing.