Even though I have been sick and missed some time, I got in my fourth trip to the box for the week. I’ve only done three workouts, but I’ve been there four days.

The owners have been constructing new bathroom facilities with showers included. It has been a slow project and is coming to a conclusion soon. They etched the floors with acid and then sealed it. It looks great. The sealer smells like acrid paint. So, it stinks. When first arriving, it is rather cloying, but like much of background life, it fades with time.

Both fans are in use to help get rid of the fumes. One fan in the men’s room doorway and one for the women’s room. No fans for the people. But fewer fumes, perhaps.

I got there and warmed up. I had a massage yesterday and it must have helped because my couch sits were much better and less ouchy today. So something helped and it wasn’t sitting in my recliner. I did random other things to get ready for the day and then began what was Friday’s partner WOD turned into a single person’s whimsical adventure by my son.

Today’s WOD as written by CrossFit Summerville and Craig:
5 @ 60%
5 @ 65%
5 @ 70%
AMRAP in 18 minutes of:
400m row
10 band assisted pull-ups
10 thruster with a barbell of choice

I was awake enough to get Google to do my math for me using all the correct parameters. My deadlifts were 83, 93, and 103 pounds and while it was not particularly easy, it wasn’t as difficult as one might imagine. There was a time when I couldn’t have gotten that 83# off the floor and so things are really looking up.

I’m going to enumerate my excuses first. As noted above, there were fumes and no fans, it was 83⁰ out there but I’m not sure what the stifling heat at the back of the box where the pull-up bars are located was doing, and I’ve been sick and this is the first full workout I’ve done since Monday. There is always the excuse that I’m old, so I don’t know if I should even mention it, but just in case anyone forgot, I am old.

Since I was doing overhead weight, I wore both of my good wrist straps which meant that I couldn’t wear my heart monitor watch. I had it set on the ground next to my bar for thrusters.

I set up a box and the purple (1/2 inch band) and the blue (1 inch band) and used those for the pull-ups. I set a 33# on parallettes so it would be the right height for picking up because I’m lazy enough to move the plastic things instead of getting the bar from the floor. I was ready to go and since the timer was already running for someone else. I started at 6:00 and would go to 24:00.

I knew what the pace should be and for the first row I didn’t push too hard, but I didn’t poke around. I got the row done and did the ten pull-ups and then rested a bit because I simply had to. Then I did the ten thrusters and really wanted to stop around rep 8 but that would be really stupid with only two more to go. When I finished, I looked at my heart rate. It was 190. Okay. That’s a bit too high. But no chest pain.

I sauntered over to the rower and rowed really slowly and checked my heart rate before the pull-ups. It was beepy high, but not ridiculous something in the 150s. I waited for a few seconds to regroup and then did all ten pull-ups. Then I had to rest a bit and then I did the ten thrusters all together once again. I checked at the end to see if I kept it under that other number and I was “only” at 171.

The third round was about the same except that I had to split the thrusters into 5 and 5. I was simply melting. It was so hot I just wanted to quit. But I didn’t really have that much time left on the clock. What would be the point of quitting when there wasn’t much time left.

I went and rowed, but the rower had turned itself off and didn’t want to start. I wasted time getting it to turn back on, but I was so tired I didn’t much care. I did get to row for a bit and made another 80 meters and then ran out of time. So, 3+80m.

My son’s addendum to his scaling:
If you can get 4 rounds you will have:
rowed 1 mile
done 40 pull-ups and 40 thrusters.
That’s a good day’s work.

I didn’t get to four rounds completed. Whoops.