I woke up on Tuesday not feeling right. I was dizzy. Really dizzy. And there were gastric symptoms as well. I tried a cup of coffee and wondered if it would help or hurt. It might have helped; it didn’t hurt. But it didn’t help enough. I had to call in sick. This was the third time in nearly five years.

One of my bosses has been sick and hasn’t had enough sense to stay home and just get better. Instead, bringing in germs for all of us to share has been the modus operandi. I knew the boss was coming in and I didn’t need any more germs, so that helped me decide to stay home.

I was feeling marginally better by evening but made an executive decision to forego CrossFit the next morning, even though I usually go on Wednesdays. I did go to work and was asked if boss avoidance was the issue or was I really sick. Well, both were issues. I know this because missing work is no big deal, but missing a workout is critical.

I tried going to the box yesterday and wasn’t doing as well as I thought. I could get through the back squats, but I was sure I was going to puke and that is no way to end a WOD. With discretion being the better part of valor, I opted instead to take two days to do one workout. It meant I had to do twice as much warming up, but that’s the price to pay for being wise and not puking in public.

Some WOD as written:
Back squat 5 @ 60%
5 @ 65%
5 @ 70%
Push press (95/65)
Knees to elbows

I cherry picked this. The skill is from Wednesday which had a horribly punishing WOD and the WOD is from Thursday which had 20 minutes of working on a muscle up as the skill. I figured I was better off working on my back squat progressions and not doing the 50 KBS (53/35), 40 Push ups, 30 Air squat,
20 DU, and 10 Ring dips.

I put the 2.5 pound plate under my heel and managed to get the squats done as written with Google doing the math for me based on the one rep max for the prescribed move. All that meant that I did 62, 67, and 72 pounds. On the last few reps it was getting harder and harder to not lose my protein shake. As expensive as that crap is, we don’t want it on the floor.

I pondered and thought and finally realized that being stupid doesn’t really get you anywhere. It was at this point that I decided that three days in a row, with two of them consisting only of half workouts, would not kill me. I needed to quit while I was ahead. But, I wasn’t really done yet. I needed to work on the negative pull-ups. I did two sets of three with descending to a slow count of three. Then I was done and knew that I had lived to fight another day.

I would say that I’m at about 90 to 95% back to normal. But I know I’m not 100% yet. I don’t know if I can actually get 65 pounds over my head. I’m not even sure I can rack it. I was considering doing this with 42 pounds, but then I weenied out and did 33# instead. Since I went with a lower weight, the other weenie move I had considered was changing the rep scheme to 18 – 12 – 6, but I kept the 21 – 15 – 9 as written.

My wrists hurt with overhead moves so I wore both of my good wrist supports which means my watch to the heart monitor won’t fit. I had it on the ground next to me but that is too far from the band to register all the time. So, if I was feeling particularly winded, I picked it up and looked. One time it was at 151 and the other time it was at 155. Instead of going by my heart rate monitor, I went by how I felt. If I was tired, I rest.

I got the push presses done in 15 and 6, then 8 and 7, and then all nine. Now, the damn knees to elbows were different and difficult. The most I ever got was four in a row. By the last round I was reduced to 3-2-2-2 but I finished the whole thing in 10.18 and didn’t feel too bad. With that time and realizing the times for others, I probably should have scaled the rep scheme to stay in time with the other athletes. There is nothing wrong with scaling, you dummy.

I tried my push-up progression to get to a non-wormy one and only made it to 5 before I broke and wormed it up there. So that was the end of that. I have laundry to do and a massage to have. So the rest of my day is a mixed blessing. I’m hoping to be able to do a complete WOD by tomorrow.