We had a great day yesterday playing with Frankie and her parents. We built a wonder set of LEGO things mostly with the adults searching for the pieces and the kid putting them where they belonged. The cabana, pool, and hot tub all got made. We went out to eat and sat on the covered porch and it began to rain and Frankie got worried. When there were a couple loud peals of thunder, she worried even more. She also migrated to her father’s lap.

We stopped at the outlet mall there to see if IZOD had more deals and they didn’t. They had discounts from 30 to 70% and the skirt I was hoping to find was only half off and it seemed ludicrous when it was much cheaper at the other IZOD but in the wrong size. I didn’t get it. We went to Harry and David’s and I found more of the really good no sugar added dried fruit and Dick got some vanilla nut fudge. No coffee was purchased. It was a miracle. The ladies there recognized my purse and asked if I shopped there often. It is distinctive. And I do.

Last evening, I was sitting at my makeshift computer desk and I heard a little soft pop and then I noticed that the whole thing was tilting. I could fix the problem and it would probably last for another 8 or 9 months, but I would worry constantly about my computer actually crashing, which is bad no matter how that happens. Good thing I had just created Command Central II and had another option.

I looked at the WOD last night and it neither filled me with excitement nor loathing. I could manage it, but at a scaled version – just like everything. At least I’m not terrorized by words anymore.

Ryan coached and Kim took the class. Todd was there without Cindy who doesn’t want to get up this early. Austin was new. He is 17. Good God almighty. Ricky is still coming at a different time of day. Brent was also there.

We warmed up some and did some stuff and I whined about my toe hurting and having trouble doing a plank clock back and forth. I managed to do it with all my weight on one foot, but only back and not forth unless it was forth and not back.

Today’s WOD as written:
strict press – 5 @ 60%
5 @ 65%
5+ @ 70%
3 rounds for time:
10 slam balls (40/25)
10 deadlifts (275/185)

My weight for a strict press is so small that finding incremental weight is really tough. I used a 22# bar and worked with 32, 37, and 42 pounds with only getting 3 reps on the last but it is really 80% but I don’t have other choices in there for weights.

Ryan said he saw a 20 pound slam ball but didn’t buy it. He was hoping for a 15 pound one and would have gotten me a weenie slam ball to play with, but they didn’t have that. I said it was okay, my plan was to cut the reps. I was doing 7s instead of 10s. And since my one rep max on a deadlift is 143, that seemed a bit out of my reach.

I did 4.26 minutes at 7/7 25/83. I would pause and regroup between moves but tried not to depend too much on the heart rate reading. I would get through something, wait until I felt like I could manage the next set and start again. I don’t think I was over 160 or at least not by much. My time was pretty much in line with everyone else’s time and I worked hard but didn’t hurt my back. Or my heart.

Craig and I discussed what I could do to get past the wormy push-ups. I’m to spread out my hands for a greater working platform, point my thumbs forward to bring my arms in closer and engage my triceps. Then, using 2-3 abmats, try to get ten non-worm push-ups. When I can do ten, get rid of an abmat. So, that’s what I tried. Three abmats was simply too much. I tried it with just two. If that was too little, I could put a 10# plate under the mats. Two seemed okay. I got to seven keeping a plank but on 8, I wormed it up. So I stopped and I now have a place to work from.

Since I don’t feel rushed to get out of there right at seven now, I will do push-up work on Monday and Thursday and do pull-up work on Wednesday and Saturday. I can practice the damn double unders here at home. I’m going to turn into something approaching an athlete if it kills me.