It would have been better if I had been able to actually have a partner for the partner WOD this week. But going on Friday would have been really stupid since it would have been my third day in a row. Even with an equal partner, if I could have found someone as crappy at this as me, it would have been better. There was built in rest time.

If I had a really good partner, it would have been golden. I could have done say 1/3 of the work while a really good partner let me rest and picked up 2/3 of the work. I could have done twenty seconds and then the partner could have done forty and two of each move and work through the laundry list of the chipper WOD. Instead, I’m doing this alone.

The other issue would have been the time of day. In order to actually have a partner working with me at a partner WOD thing, I would have had to show up at a class time. That means getting up at 5.15 on my day off or waiting until noon on a day with a high, muggy, clingy horribly temperature. Neither of those options sounded all that great. Even that wouldn’t have worked since both times already had an even number of participants.

I really like 7 AM since I can pretty much sleep until I wake up naturally – especially if I leave the blind slightly raised so daylight wakes me. But it is not a real class time and is just open gym. I’m glad there is open gym, but I miss the instruction and the camaraderie of a class. If I get up too early, I miss sleep. If I wait too late, I miss the coolest part of the day. There is no perfect choice. Life is like that far too often.

Since it is Saturday, there is nothing but open gym. I sent the partner WOD to Craig to review and for some odd reason, he sent me back nonsense. Even with a crappy partner I would be only be doing half and for some reason, my son believes I can work for 90 seconds and rest for 30 and be all okay and do 1.5 times what was written for a partner. This is simply not happening. I’m going with my own plan of work 30 seconds or until I beep and then rest for 30 seconds and then do that again and finally move on to the next thing.

I guess I am going to have to explain to my son what a failure his mother is. My heart rate goes too high, too fast and I’m not able to keep moving. He wants me to do double unders with attempts counting but subbed out push-ups for the ring dips although I can do those band assisted, too. However, I stuck with his subbing movements just with my rep scheme plan.

So I showed up and warmed up. The run today was amazingly easy. I was already back in the driveway and wasn’t even close to tired. I have no idea what happened.

Today’s WOD as written:
Deadlift – 5 @ 75%
3 @ 85%
1+ @ 95%
Partner WOD 1 person working at a time.
For max reps
2 min double unders
2 min pull ups
2 min front squats 95/65
2 min row for calories
2 min ring dips push-ups
2 min row for calories
2 min front squats 95/65
2 min pull ups
2 min double unders

The deadlift weights were what I tried to use for back squats and kill myself. But for deadlifts, it makes more sense. Five at 108, three at 123, and one at 133 with a second one thrown in because it was one-plus.

I had the reps all written out on a note card and then made a graph on the mat to keep score since I forgot to bring a pen.

I waited for some other people who were going to do various and sundry other WODs from earlier in the week or from somewhere else. Whatever, all of us would start when the clock went live. I was the only person working on Friday’s WOD. My stuff was set up all over the gym since it was here, there, and everywhere.

I hate the whole double under concept. I know I can now get one, but stringing them together … just crazy talk. I got three together. And then, by some miracle or other, I managed four and screamed it out and the entire box stopped and nodded in approval. I got three a few more times, but never got four again. Next time.

I was having too high a heart rate for almost the entire time and even working for 30 and resting for 30 was too much work. But I decided that I would do ten pull-ups and then ten pull-ups. And then I rowed for calories slowly since I was really beeping. I came back to my workout area and was doing the push-ups right next to a barbell I had never used. Damn. Where were the front squats supposed to be? I left them out.

So I did them five and five using 42# and then I went back to the rower and then I did the front squats again since that is where they were supposed to be. I was exhausted, but I still had more to do. I decided on my approach to the rack that I would do seven and seven on the pull-ups regardless of anything else like heart rate or dying. Then I had about 45 seconds to rest before the double unders and again, I was able to get to three done, but couldn’t get four. Instead of 30 on and 30 off, I rested until there was just 30 seconds left and went after them again. I ran out of steam and had to quit with 10 seconds left on the clock. My heart rate was 171 and I was dizzy and feeling like I might puke.

I went outside with my water bottle and sat next to the puke bush just in case and when I determined that I would not, in fact, puke, I went back inside and started doing math. Double unders were 17 and 14, pull-ups were 20 and 14, front squats were 10 and 10, rowing for calories was 10 and 5 (I really had to rest in there or I was going to fold), and push-ups were 21. That was a score of 121.

I did write my new PR on the board, but I didn’t ring the bell. I had already startled the entire place once for the morning.

Last week, while doing pull-ups for the WOD, Raina took a picture of me from behind. It has taken me a week to get it, but I have it now. It is the picture here and those are freaking muscles on me old, no-longer-decrepit body. When I got home, Russell was talking to Dick and I got out of the car and he said, “Boy, did she get fit.” Which is much nicer than anything else he could have said. I’ve worked hard, cried many times, felt like a loser, and just kept showing up. It pays off.