Where have all the people gone? Perhaps many folks took off for vacation the first week after school got out, but the box sure is light. I’m not sure what’s wrong, but there aren’t very many people showing up. It is hot, but it is summer time and that is to be expected.

My plan was to wake with the morning light and get to the box around 7 AM. I woke up about 5.45 which was really too early to get out of bed so I just luxuriated in the quiet morning and relaxed for a while before dragging myself out of bed. I had no idea what the temperature was and so the first thing I did was check that since it determines what I wear. The same program told me it was 77 on one screen and 71 on the other. Another program told me it was 75. I have no idea what it was, but I went with shorts and a tank top.

I got to the gym far more quickly than I would have imagined. I hit every single light green. I had to get into first for the two stop signs, but I never got into first gear again until I had to wait to turn into the parking lot. It took nearly no time to get there that way. Oh, if I was the only person using the roads, life would be grand.

Todd and Leslie were the only people at the 6 AM class. Cindy was once again “too tired” to get to six and she wasn’t at seven, either. I told Todd to tell her I called her a weenie since she hasn’t been there since Monday.

When I looked at the WOD last night, I was almost convinced I should just stay home. Then I heard Craig’s voice in my head castigating those who cherry pick WODs. If you come on certain days, you show up and do what is on the board. If you don’t like it or it sucks or you can’t manage it, just too bad. It’s all scalable and it’s doable if you actually show up. So I showed up. I have to say, I did not feel any love whatsoever for this WOD.

Today’s WOD as written:
3 rounds not for time
ME unbroken DU
20 sit ups
2 x 5 reps
3 x 3 reps
4 x 1 Rep (heavy!)
Rest between rounds

I was pretty sure I should just do the 60 sit-ups straight because double unders and me don’t get along. I would make a few efforts each round because otherwise there was simply no point. I was amazed that I was getting one so many times since there was a time when that was simply beyond me. I was this close to getting two in and have the whip marks on my ankles to prove it.

I set up a couple parallette bars to rest my weenie 22# bar on so it was off the floor. I had my better wrist wrap on since my left wrist is pitiful and aches after this if I don’t. I set up a med ball behind my fat ass to squat to, but I can’t really do a full snatch. I power snatch and was then doing an overhead squat to approximate the move. At least for the first five reps. Then my right wrist was hurting and I don’t have the other wrist wrap. My watch does not fit over the better, larger wraps and I have to monitor my heart rate which is more important than my wrists.

For the rest of the reps, I did power snatches and figured that was as much strain as my wrist needed. I added five pounds for the sets of 3 and did those at 27# and then for the singles used 32# and was just happy to be done with that nonsense. This is not my best skill. I’m not sure what my best skill is, since I have issues with just about everything, but this surely isn’t it.

Since it has been a while, I worked on negative pull-ups. I actually timed my descent and it was five seconds which is much slower than when I dropped like a stone. I did three sets of two and managed to hold at the top and slowly descend.

By that time I was melting and tired and ready to head home. So that is where I went and it was great to be done by 8 AM without having to get up at the crack of middle of the night and still have my whole day to do as I pleased. What I’m not thrilled with is just open gym. I like having a coach there to make sure I’m doing the moves correctly. Kim was working with me, so I knew I was safe if I dropped a weight or something, but she was working and it wasn’t her job at that time of day to be a coach. I really do like having someone nag me about my form.