Our friend’s birthday boating/pool party was supposed to be on Saturday, but it rained and poured and wasn’t a good day for that. So we had the party yesterday and it was perfect. The sky was a beautiful blue without a cloud in it, so no rain in sight. The temperature was mild and there was little humidity. Happy Birthday, Bob.

I made a concerted effort not to eat too much, but I’m not entirely certain I was successful. I tried to watch myself but there was so much good food it wasn’t easy.

When I looked at the WOD last night I was certain there was lunacy involved. I did not feel any love at all. I knew immediately that I should just stay home. I don’t stay home on Mondays so there needed to be a different plan. I figured out what that would be and then fell asleep and woke shortly before the alarm went off. I so much prefer that to the jangling awake thing.

Apparently I wasn’t the only person who felt the non-love for the WOD today. Perhaps it is just that summer vacation for the kids started and so adult schedules have changed. Either way, both the 5 and 6 AM classes were light. Perhaps it is that they have open gym now from 7 AM to noon. Hard to tell with so many different factors involved.

It was a cool morning. The temperature at 5.15 was 64⁰ F. It is easy to work in the kind of weather. Warm-up was a 1000 meter row, starting slow and working up to faster by the end and then a bunch of stretches and rolling around the floor stuff. The baby in the class today was 41 so there wasn’t that Young Buck finishing before I even got started stuff going on.

Today’s WOD as written:
Strict press – 5 @ 75%
3 @ 85%
1+ @ 95%
for time:
50 burpee box jumps

I fired up Google and used the calculator function there to figure out what my weights would be. I wrote them down because I’m not exactly a 100 watt bulb at 6 AM. I might be a 25 watt bulb, but I’m more likely just a night light. So writing it down meant I would still have the numbers when I got there.

My five reps were done at 38# and they weren’t bad. Then 43# for the three reps and 48# for the one rep. I tried a second one and couldn’t manage it. I wore the better left wrist wrap which meant my watch for my heart monitor had to be on my right arm. But it did seem to help. My left wrist simply hurts with weight movement. I was not holding my arms evenly because I lean to one side so I got the small plate for under my right heel, too. So many issues.

The last time 50 burpees were on the board, I did them. I did them all. I jumped them in and out and did all the fucking burpees. It took me 12.20 and I was so pissed by the end that I wanted to just hit something. Possibly someone. It was ridiculous.

I mentioned today that I was not feeling any love at all for this WOD. I asked Ryan if he had a plan. I knew I did, but I wanted to hear his, first. I told him how long it took me to do 50 burpees without any boxes involved. That was not the goal of the WOD. He said we would scale, what did I think. Okay, I told him what I thought without taking out the bad words or anything. I mentioned that half the reps or possibly a time cap would work. He said he would think about it.

As we got ready, Ryan and I discussed this. I would have a 6 minute cap (based off the 5 AM class times, it seemed to be about what it should take to do the whole thing for most people). I was also supposed to write down every time I had to rest.

I did just step-ups to a 12” box and did real jump in and out with the push-up burpees. I had a heart rate in the 90s before we started and so I got 8 done. Then it was, as it had been the last time I did this, three and then rest. But I got one round without beeping at the three, so I did four. I did the last bit while I was still beeping, but I started at 5.45 and wanted to get another little set in. I had to rest six times and I got 27 in at exactly 6 minutes. Everyone was done at 6 something in our class, so I scaled this perfectly.

I got in the car to come home and as I waited at the light, I was too warm and so I put the top down. I guess I made some guy’s commute a bit more interesting cuz he sure looked at me funny as I was slamming the top back.