Yesterday was my rest day from the gym and my work day for work. I managed to pass the day without undue stress and got some writing done and some knitting done. I read some and played stupid computer games. Dick made chicken penne rosa last night for dinner and did an excellent job. All in all, it was a good day.

For some ridiculous reason I was up at 4.10 this morning. I tried to fall back to sleep, but my brain turned on and then it was all over. I tossed and turned and kept thinking the alarm would be going off soon right up until the alarm went off and the noise still shocked me – like it was unexpected or something.

I had my protein shake, got dressed, and headed out the door. I found my left behind water bottle, remembered to bring my jump rope in with me, and was ready for a great day at the box.

Coach Corey had the class this morning. She has been writing our programming for a few weeks now. She likes to make sure everyone is warm when we work so there was lots of warm-up stuff. We did things with a ten pound plate (the guys had 25#) and twirled around with them and all manner of stuff. When it got to jumping over them, I was beeping during the warm-up! What a novelty.

Today’s WOD as written:

back squat – 3 @ 80%
3 @ 85%
3+ @ 90%
12 min AMRAP

50 DU
250 m row
200 m run

Last week I was talking to one of the coaches about squatting and feet placement. I mentioned the crookedness of my body and how one leg is so much shorter than the other. He said to put a small plate under the heel of my right foot to even my legs out. I tried that today with the back squats and I do believe it helped. I only got told to keep my knees out once. It’s usually a more frequent issue.

I did the warm-up squats and then figured I was working to 78#, 83#, and 88# since that’s the way the weights come. I got three of each and the plate seemed to help throughout, but especially at the heavier weights.

We discussed how to scale the WOD. Ricky tried double unders last week and his foot was bothering him enough so that he wanted to sub them out today. Cindy did a mile run for Murph on Monday and her foot was bothering her. Both decided they would do sit-ups instead. Todd decided to try real double unders, with attempts counting. I stuck with single unders. I was hoping there wasn’t going to be any looking for a 4:1 sub for that.

Amazingly, the goal for this WOD was endurance. The plan was to move and keep moving and never stop with the moving. Corey asked me about double unders and they make my heart rate skyrocket, so I was sticking with single unders and I had planned 3:1 and just wasn’t going to say anything. She said I should only do 30 which I was hoping meant 90 but she said, no, really, just 30 single unders. I was shocked. I said I could do 50. She said she wanted me to be able to keep moving. I thought about it some more. I wouldn’t be rowing fast and I would only be strolling leisurely through the parking lot, but I thought I could manage.

Time started. I got the 50 single unders, started beeping, but just barely while rowing, and got my heart rate back down while I walked. I beeped during the single unders, but not much, could row without a problem, although it was slow as molasses in January. I walked and my heart rate came down. Repeat. There was just a little under two minutes on the clock when I got back from round three. I got in the jumps, was beeping but there wasn’t all that much time left, and I really rowed for the last few seconds while time counted down. My score was 3+50+105.

Today was the first time I managed to work solid through a WOD without stopping to rest and pant and try not to die. At the very end, when I was pushing for those last few meters, my heart rate got up to 170 but most of the time in was just in the 150s and I never felt bad even though I never stopped moving. What a concept!