I was up at 4.45 this morning and considered going to the box at 6. Instead, I crawled back into bed and fell asleep until 7.30 which was really great in the morning. It wasn’t quite as great at noon, when it was really hot out there, but that’s a different story.

I had my morning coffee and then had Greek yogurt, cherries, and mandarin oranges for breakfast.

I’ve gotten into the routine of grocery shopping in the morning and today I did that. I made some poor stock person go back and find me the quart of plain Greek yogurt before I really thought about it and after he made the trip and found some for me, it dawned on me that eating vanilla flavored Greek yogurt wouldn’t be so bad since I always mix it with fruit anyway. Maybe I will try that next time. The worst than can happen is that I don’t like it.

I got more stuff done around here. I’m supposed to be writing history essays for Little Bits of History, but I’ve been quite slack. I like to be an entire month ahead and May is coming to an end and I still have a way to go with June. I better get busy. I got two written this morning. I need to write some more. I will get it done; I always do.

Then it was time to have my protein shake with the crappy store brand almond milk and get off to the box. It was hot. I don’t know how hot because I didn’t look. But I was melting. I had sweat dripping into my eyes and that was just as part of the warm-up. We did a slow 200 meter run, which is the only kind I do. I was first out and last in. Then lunge down the mat frontwards and backwards and I was beeping – I got my watch fixed – already. Then some other stuff and then we did a warm-up WOD

3 rounds
10 hang power clean – just the bar
10 overhead squats
10 step-ups to a box

I used the 22# bar and was beeping all over the place. I got through one whole round and the ten cleans and everyone else was finished. I mentioned that I was warm since I was at my 100% mark already and felt as good as I was going to get.

Today’s WOD as written:
15 minutes snatch practice
3 rounds:
2 min AMRAP
3 snatches 115/75
6 burpees
rest 2 minutes between rounds
Rx: 50%+ bodyweight snatches

We did reps with the just a PVC pipe to practice each incremental movement of the snatch. I hate this. I still cannot do a full snatch with even the 22# bar. I can power snatch it and then overhead squat but I feel so incredibly off balance and unstable, that I can’t put the two together. I feel like a nincompoop and a weak one at that. Almost two years now and I still can’t do this. I feel like I should be brought to CrossFit in a short bus rather than my sports car.

I could, however, get the power snatch and then do a full squat with the overhead bar, touching my fat behind to a med ball. As long as I did one move, balanced, and then the second part I was golden. Put them together and I don’t even get close to a full squat. I worked at it and felt more comfortable with keeping the bar in close on the pull and tossing it overhead. Falling under it is just going to have to happen later.

My heart rate would be over 151 after each attempt. I was only getting down to about 145 before starting and then one snatch and overhead squat and beep, beep, beep. I hate this part most of all. It’s been almost two years of this for my heart, too. You would think it would just behave and pump efficiently at some point. Well, I would think that. And be wrong.

I continued to use just the 22# for the WOD and did modified burpees. Coach Becky asked what I was subbing and I said a plank out and in and stand up – no push-up and no jump included. She said that was fine.

I sat around for three full minutes before we were going to start and had a heart rate in the 120s. I got through the first set and was over 160 so I rested. I got down to 155 and did another set but was at 170 and getting dizzy and overheated. I rested. I got in three more snatches and time was called.

It took 1 minute and 10 seconds to stop beeping and so my heart rate wasn’t very low when it was time to start again. I got through the first round, had to pause for about 15 seconds, did the second round. There were 30 seconds left, but my heart rate was 170+ and I was too woozy to throw the bar overhead. Rather than knock myself out, I sat down.

It was 1 minute and 15 seconds after I sat before I stopped beeping, but that still gave me more time to recover before the next set. This time, at the end, I could rest forever – or until Saturday. So I was hoping to get more in than on the first round. I didn’t, but I did once again get two full sets plus 3 and had a total of 60 reps for the WOD.

I believe I could power clean half my body weight. In fact, I think I could clean and jerk half my body weight. I could probably have done a one rep snatch with just the 33# bar. What I can’t manage is repeated lifts with greater weights because then I beep so much, I can’t get any rep count in. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with this situation.

Someday, I’m going to get there. I’ve amazed myself with how far I’ve come in many other lifts. I need to be patient, but if there is one thing I certainly am not – patient is it.