We had a relaxing weekend with many fun things happening. It was all good and too soon ended. But it is once again the work week and I still work, so I’m back at it.

After sleeping in for five days, it is really hard to go to bed early and wake up in the middle of the night. But that’s what has to be. Unfortunately, I woke up several times in the middle of the night being too hot or too cold and when the alarm went off, it was nearly impossible to drag my fat ass out of bed. But it had to happen.

I made my protein shake without the Greek yogurt this morning and it was much better. I still had enough fuel to get through the WOD and it wasn’t gaggy while drinking it. Always a plus.

There were only Wescott people there today for the 6 AM class. There were about ten people at the 5 AM class. I don’t know how in the world they get up so early. The four of us looked bedraggled enough. Todd and Cindy’s son had an ER visit this weekend and Ricky’s family was camping. They all looked as bad as me without any sleep. What a crew.

We began with a run and I did just 200 meters and made it back with a heart rate of 148. We did other stuff until we were declared warm. I am not a fan of planking stuff. I’m also not very good at Supermans. And a Superman into a banana (roll from front to back to front without using hands or feet) was just nasty. The finish was a plank clock which I can actually do now without collapsing but I still don’t like it.

Today’s WOD as written:
Strict press – 5 @ 75%
5 @ 80%
5+ @ 85%
Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM)
3 squat cleans
Example Rx: 185/115
Scale or use a progression to what you can accomplish for the entire 10 rounds but it should be heavy.

I only made it to 48# on the strict press last week. Today I used a 22# bar and added weight to it to 32# and 37# which was what I used for the 5+ moves as well. I got seven of them. My arms shaking on the last one. What a weenie.

The EMOM thing was going to be a race against my heart rate issues. I used just a 42# bar and hoped for the best. I got through the first round without beeping at all. I was over 151 AFTER I finished the second round. When I stop working, my heart rate continues to rise for a few seconds. Same thing happened on the third round. Then I started beeping during the cleans. By the last round (but only on the last round) I was unable to stop beeping before it was time to start again. I got all ten rounds in, nice ass to grass squats, and I still have to be reminded to keep my elbows up.

I placed my bar in the back and close to the bench and sat between rounds. I tried to deep breathe and exhale all stored CO2 and was not as successful as one might hope. Or maybe I’m just hoping for too much.

I’m glad I chose the weight I used. Any more weight on the bar and I would have not been able to do all ten rounds. It’s not that I can’t clean more weight, I just can’t do it at the rate of the WOD’s requirements. I was hoping I didn’t go too weenie, and I didn’t. I’m really just that pathetic old.