In an effort to not have everyone at CrossFit Summerville hate me, I have opted to not attend partner WOD day. Because my son knows me too well, he structured my week so that even if I want to participate, I can’t because it would be my third day in a row and I’m simply too old for that nonsense. Please do not point out that I’m too old for all this nonsense, I know it and am reminded four times a week. I just keep doing it anyway.

Besides, I had other things to do yesterday and got them done successfully. So instead of doing this on Friday, I sent it off to Craig who modified it for me. That meant that I could show up during open gym and work on whatever he sent back.

Partner WOD as written:
Deadlift – Spend 20 minutes working on a 1RM deadlift.
For time:
(working in teams of 2)
– 500m row & 125 double unders – One person on the rower while the other does double unders, switch when finished.
– 50 dead lifts (225/185) – Each person must complete 5 reps at a time while the other holds the bar at top of dead lift. If the person holding needs to rest the one performing dead lifts must stop.
– 50 toes to bar – Each person must complete 5 reps at a time before moving to other person. While person 1 is performing t2b, other is hanging from the bar. If person hanging needs to break the one performing t2b must not do anymore until the other gets back on the bar.
If you are unable to Rx EVERY movement, ask you coach for scaling options that will allow you to work with a teammate and remain competitive in the overall time.


Craig’s modification:
Deadlift. 15 minutes to a heavy single.
NOT for time: (just have fun and move…)
500m row
3 rounds of :30 of double unders (attempts count)/:30 rest
35 deadlifts at 50% of 1RM (pay attention to your form here)
35 hanging knee raises (OR 50 situps)

Pre workout I had a protein shake made with chocolate protein mix, Greek yogurt, almond milk, extra cocoa, and a packet of Stevia. It still tasted too yogurt like and sour. I don’t know if the extra protein is worth the gag factor. It was all right since I had been awake for over an hour before I tried it, but first thing in the morning … maybe not. I will try it on Monday without the yogurt and see if that works out okay.

I warmed up with all sorts of normal warm-up crap, including running which I hate but seems to be a way to up one’s heart rate quickly. At least it sure does that for me. After I deemed myself warm, I started to work with the deadlifts. I began with 53# and worked up.

I got 138# once last fall. Then I lost weight and I have no idea what else, because I haven’t been able to get more than 128# off the floor since. By 128# today it was getting really heavy, but I could see I had room to add more. I did 5 pound increments and made it to 143#. I tried the 148# and got it free from the floor, but couldn’t stand with it. Too much and I was done. But I got a new PR of 143# which is more than I weigh! By over 10%!

Then on to the WOD Craig set out. Rowing is rowing is rowing. It is like running. Slogging through it to get done. It is just not all that exciting. I usually close my eyes and peek every once in a while because the number moves so slowly that it is excruciating to watch it creep along like a baby just learning to crawl.

On to the double unders. I couldn’t string two together today, but I got one on each try – something that never happens. However, jumping that much for even half a minute made my heart rate go to 160 or slightly over and then I had to wait more than 30 seconds for it to come back down and try again. But this wasn’t for time and I figured it was more important to get my heart rate down than to try to hurry through. That, and if it was too high, I wasn’t going to be able to get any more double unders and I want to get these mastered.

I used 73# on the deadlifts and did them in five sets of seven reps each. My heart rate would go to about 153-155 and so I would get back down and do the next set.

On the knee raises, I would get as high as possible and again stayed with the five sets of seven reps each, although by the end I would have to come off the bar and reset my hands so I didn’t fall on my ass again.

I would have cheated and looked at the time for start and stop except that Kim asked if anyone was using the clock before restarting it. I kept my damn mouth shut and let her restart the clock in the middle of my work and so I have absolutely no idea how long it took me. Not only did she restart the clock, but it was for a Tabata and so it didn’t keep track of time. I really have no idea how long it took me today. I only know that I got all the reps in, watched my form, did my best, and got my third PR for the week. Fun day.

As I was sitting on the bench and recovering, another old lady sat down next to me. She had been watching me all morning. I knew that because I would keep catching her at it. I said I was too old for this shit. She said she was, too, and wished she had started years ago when she was young enough. I mentioned that when I was young enough, CrossFit didn’t exist. We laughed.

I told her that it was possible to get better because when I started, I could do nothing and described what I meant. She nodded. We talked about shortcomings and she said she had been trying to pass out. She had not eaten anything before coming. I told her that was very bad. She needed fuel to work.

Kim came to check on her and told her the same thing. Eating before a WOD is important. If you don’t eat, you have no gas in your tank. I also mentioned she might want to watch her heart rate while she does this. Old and overweight is tough all the time and pushing yourself means you have to be smart. Luckily, age often brings experience. I hope I see her there again. Old ladies who work out rock!