Yesterday at 4 PM, my weekend officially began. I love having long weekends every week and being done on Wednesday is great. I was full of plans for the evening, but by the time I got home, I had decided the best way to spend the evening was in slug mode. I could have accomplished stuff; I probably should have; but I didn’t.

I managed, just barely, to stay awake until 10 and then I just couldn’t keep my eyes open any more. I woke up at 3 AM and couldn’t fall back to sleep. Although my weekend is here, my brain was mulling over a problem at work and the solution arrived at to solve the problem. I didn’t particularly see the benefit of the solution and so I finally wrote down all the reasons for that dislike. I could then fall back to sleep and I woke up at 7.30.

It poured in the middle of the night. Then it stopped. It poured early this morning. Then it stopped. I made it to the grocery store between downpours.

Today is the day to hit the box at noon. It was not raining but it was threatening. Instead of going for a run, we did jump rope work. First was a minute of single unders and I made an entire minute straight without missing and without beeping. Well, expect for the last few seconds. I rested and then worked on double unders. I have been able to get exactly one at a time until I got two in a row today. I have no idea how it happened, but it did – twice. Then it was all downhill again. Another PR – second in two days.

We did other stuff to get warm and broad jump down the mat was where my heart rate went too high. I can’t even get through the warm-ups.

Today’s WOD as written:
Pistol practice – Spend 15 minutes working on your skills/mobility/etc. for the pistol squat. Make an attempt at an unbroken alternating set of pistols if you’ve mastered this skill.
50 burpees for time
Snatch practice – spend 15 minutes working on the snatch. Find your sticking point and work the technique. Nothing too heavy. If you’re feeling confident in your technique and the coach OK’s, work on a max 3 position (top to bottom) snatch (squat inferred).

Last time we practiced pistols, I used a 20” box and squatted to that. I did that today and seemed better able to both get down and back up. So I got the 12” box and put 2-25# plates on it and could manage that as well. I took off one plate and then hit my sticking point, I couldn’t get back up at all. I put a 10# back on the remaining 25# plate and could manage a few in a row standing on my left leg, but none really at all with my right. I could stand on my right, get down and sit and finally get back up, but I couldn’t touch and go at all. My right leg is my shorter leg.

The times for the burpees had been anywhere from 2 something minutes to 5 something minutes. I can do 50 burpees, but they don’t particularly work well with my too high heart rate. I was asked if I could do them and I said I could, but not quickly. What should I do? Well, of course, this speed workout should have me doing all 50 burpees. I did. I jumped them in and out and did real, actual true burpees with chest and thighs touching the floor. Three at a time, resting for longer than I worked to get my heart rate back down. I didn’t see anything over 160. It took me 12.20.

You know that CrossFit saying that the cheers are loudest for the last person still working? Yeah. They were in a different part of the box working on the snatches while I kept doing three more and then three more and then three more burpees.

After I finished, I caught my breath, drank some water, and then joined them in practicing the snatch movement with a PVC pipe. Eventually it was time to go home and so I did. It started raining on the way back to the house.