I had a wonderful Mother’s Day celebrating with Craig, Dayna, Frankie, and all of Dayna’s family. We are so lucky we all can share the kids on days like this and that we all get along. The only bad thing was that I left my flowers at Frank and Marilyn’s house and they were beautiful. What a dumb bunny. Aunt Lisa had been to a science fair thing (she is a math and science teacher) and brought some really neat science things for Frankie to play with. The adults liked playing with them, too.

I looked at the WOD last night and knew I could RX another one. I was so happy about that and went to bed content. The only problem I had was that ten minute power nap I took in the car on the way home which made it really hard to fall asleep last night. That made it really hard to get up this morning. But I did. I wasn’t that happy about it, but I did it.

I got to the box ready for some more damn sit-ups and the WOD changed. Ryan had said he would do something for Sarah’s birthday and then forgot about it when posting the WODs so it was changed and we had no sit-ups today.

I managed a 200 meter jog without beeping and then we did other things to get warm. Once we were declared warm we started on the day’s program.

Today’s WOD as written:
Strict Press – spend 20 minutes working up to a 1 rep max. Don’t forget to warm up thoroughly (at least 3 light sets) before you start getting to your working reps and mobilize throughout. This is a baseline test for the next few week’s focus.
Happy Birthday, Sarah
12 minute AMRAP
7 power cleans (135/95)
15 slam balls (40/25)
15 wall balls (20/14)

My arms have been tight ever since I did those dang 50 pull-ups. Craig mentioned that I could have cut them in half and not beeped so much. I don’t have the concept of controlling for my heart rate really down pat. The idea wasn’t to kill myself and rest sixteen times, but to have a rep scheme that allowed me to work better without all that killing and resting stuff. Regardless of the intent, I did 50 pull-ups and my left tricep is not happy with me. I have no idea why my left is worse than my right, but it is.

I worked with just an empty bar and my arm was already complaining. Hell, getting dressed this morning was tricky. I worked on stretching and rolling and got a little weight on the bar. I managed a little more, but couldn’t even get to my old one rep max. I had to be happy with 48# this time.

I discussed Sarah’s birthday WOD and my old heart and asked Ryan what on offer for old farts. I explained that Craig and I had talked about interval training and what if I did this or that. Ryan came up with an EMOM scheme for me. I would do five reps of each move beginning on the minute and then rest until the next minute. I used a 53# bar for the cleans, 25# for the slam balls and 10# for the wall balls. When it was my rest time, I sat on the ground and tried to deep breathe, often without much success. On the first round I had a heart rate of 151 after the last slam ball and the last wall ball. By the following rounds I was unable to hear any beeping because it was loud there today, but when I stopped, my heart rate was in the mid to high 150s.

I got all the moves done and got my heart rate back under 150 before the minute came back up, but by the end, it was just barely back under. When I start at 148, it isn’t going to take much to get me over the limit. But, on a happier note, I never saw anything over 160.

After the WOD was done and we were putting scores on the board, I mentioned to Rolf that Masters didn’t have to use the same weights as the youngsters. He had been having problems with the wall balls and Ryan replaced his 20# ball with a lighter one and worked on form. While we were standing together at the white board, I told Rolf that Masters didn’t use the same weights for the Open.

Since he didn’t know what that was, either, I had to backtrack. But when he heard what it was and what they did, his eyes lit up. I asked if he minded telling me how old he is and he smiled and said he was 57 and therefore a Master.

Ryan wanted to know what we were doing and I told I was helping out by teaching Rolf how to be old. There are now two official Masters at my box – but I haven’t lost my standing as oldest fart there.