Mom was never one to turn down an adventure. Given a chance to go to Italy and meet the Pope; she went and had a picture of her with the Pope in the Popemobile as background. Given a chance to go to Ireland; she went. Asked if she wanted to go with me somewhere, she never even cared where the somewhere was and would say YES before I even finished asking. She had just returned from a trip to Texas to visit her sister when she celebrated her 84th birthday. She was on her way to meet a friend for lunch nine years ago today when instead, she had a heart attack and died. Active right to the end. Kept all her marbles. Wonderful life. It was a shock for her kids, but a blessing for her.

Yesterday at the box was partner WOD day and my son was too smart for me and tricked me. He worked my schedule so Friday would be my third day in a row and that is too much for an old fart like me. I couldn’t go even if I wanted to. I wanted to. The WOD was written with only one partner working at a time, so while I was resting, my partner could have been racking up the reps and we would have been just fine. But I stayed home instead. I did have a massage scheduled and I knew my shoulders were tight. It was amazing to find out that my legs weren’t that good either. But I felt better after it was all done.

I sent Craig the WOD and he sent back a scaled version for me to do today. The partner WOD was Barbara.

For me he had ring rows instead of the pull-ups. I wrote back and said I could do band assisted pull-ups if that was better and he said it would be but I could do half the reps if needed. HA! I’m old, but not that old.

Today’s WOD as written:
Yates Row 8 x 4 –
Add weight from your Wednesday reps as long as you’re maintaining form.
Scaled “Barbara”
5 rounds – time each round
10 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
20 Sit-ups
20 Squats
Rest precisely 3 minutes between each round.
Post time for each round.

When I got there at 9 AM, there were only a couple people strolling in. I took myself on a 200 meter run/jog and managed to get back before my heart rate went too high. I did a variety of other things including lunge down the mat even though I hate that. I’ve read that if you are doing a chipper WOD, you should have a shorter warm-up and if you are doing a sprint WOD, you should have a longer warm-up. This was a chipper and so I didn’t spend a whole lot of time warming up. It was hot in there; I was hot; I declared myself warm enough.

I went to 78# on the Yates Rows and managed them fine. I did them all with a reverse grip. The clock wasn’t running so I couldn’t measure my rest between sets that way. I used my heart monitor and when my number got low enough, I would do another set. I never beeped through this as it was only four moves.

Then I set up my stuff for the modified Barbara thing. I used a one inch plus a half-inch band for the assist. Craig said I could do a push-up sub of choice, but I do real push-ups. They are wormy, but that’s the best I can do. I had my abmat ready and I had my grid drawn. Someone had started the clock and I waited for a minute to come up even and then started.

First round, I was being nice to myself and stopped when I began to beep after 8 pull-ups. Then I had to rest before and after the push-ups and after the sit-ups. I also paused for a few second midway through the squats until I realized how dumb that was. I also paused part way through the pull-ups on the second round and then decided I would go all reps, rest, all reps, rest, sit-ups don’t cause my heart rate to go that high so I would get through nearly half the squats and rest, cutting out one rest. On the last round, I just powered through and only had two rest periods to get my heart rate back down. Mark, the firefighter, was there and was watching so I didn’t die or anything. Top heart rate I saw was 168 and I can manage that fine at the end.

My times were 3.45; 4.08; 3.40; 3.59; and 3.35.

It probably would have been easier to do this whole thing with a really good partner who could have done the extra push-ups and squats that were cut from my half of this. My rests would have been while they were working and the times would have been similar or even better, but what the heck.

My actual working time, which includes 16 times of waiting for my heart rate to come down, was 19.07. Not terrific, but so much more than I had ever dreamed possible when I started.

Total reps were
50 band-assisted pull-ups with 1.5 inch band
50 wormy big person push-ups
100 sit-ups
100 break parallel, chest up squats

I like it. I walked out of there dripping wet, but happy. My adventures are different from Mom’s but I try to not miss any.

Mom doing something fun and exciting and new and different. She would never have dressed like this for anything else.