I got home from work last evening and began my weekend. I didn’t realize how tired I was until I toddled off to bed around 9.30 and fell sound asleep within seconds. I awoke at 4.47 AM and seriously considered going to the box for the 6 AM class when it would be cooler and the coach would know me. But instead, I fell back to sleep and didn’t wake up until 7.15.

I bought a $0.99 cent game for my Kindle last night. I had a nastygram from Amazon today telling me they couldn’t get their money and the place might go bankrupt without it or something like that. I figured that after I went to the grocery store, I could take care of it. What I didn’t realize was that the bank also sent a nastygram to Dick about someone trying to charge our credit card. When I got home and got the groceries put away, I decided I would save Amazon by giving them my dollar. I believe the reason the charge didn’t go through was that they had my grandson’s address (last shipping address we used) as the billing address.

I tried to fix it and it wouldn’t fix. Then I tried just reentering my address and it decided that my ZIP code and state didn’t match. So I had to find the help place and start a chat session and we tried several things until they said my card was denied. I called the bank while I had Amazon on chat and when I entered my credit card number it said that the card had been cancelled and a replacement sent. That scared the crap out of me so I made sure I got to talk to a person at the bank and told Amazon I would have to get back to them.

It seems Dick must have hit a wrong button and somehow, even though I had told him that I did indeed spend a dollar last night, the whole thing got listed as fraud, the card was cancelled and cannot be reactivated since it was reported as fraud. So they will overnight us a new credit card. By the time all this got worked out, it was time for me to get dressed for the gym and get off to the now hot class when I was already overheated.

I was half way to the place when I realized I hadn’t switched from glasses to contacts so as it was going to be approaching ninety degrees, I would have my glasses slipping down my nose. Perfect. So far the whole damn day has been running on perfect.

We warmed up some for the skill portion of the class and were declared ready to go.

Today’s WOD as written:
Handstands – spend 25 minutes practicing your progression of the handstand. Make sure you are spending as much time upside down as possible. Make some attempts at PR’s for walks, hspu’s, kipping, holds, etc. Post your PR’s on the fresh, new clean chalkboard.
5 rounds for time every three minutes:
1 wall walk
5 front squats
5 power cleans
1 push press
If you cannot complete within the three minutes, you’re done.

Heavy Rx – 155/110
Light Rx – 135/95
Your Rx – weight @ which you can barely finish all 5 rounds
Post times for rounds completed.

I tried to kick up to the wall and I’m just too scared. We tried using spotters in the middle of the floor and I got upright a few times. I tried again against the wall and although one foot touched up there, both feet didn’t. However, I’m much closer than I was at the beginning of class. So I did improve.

I looked at this last night and have fretted about how to get the rounds done within the time limits. I don’t know if it would have taken me more than 15 minutes to actually just do 5 RFT and get it over with, but I know that when I’m threatened with a stop motion dictated by time, my heart rate is going to get in my way. So I went really, really light.

The first round, I finished the moves and hadn’t heard my beeping stuff but I was somewhere around 165. I was more careful for the next rounds. I paused between the  squats and the cleans and then rested again before the next round. By round four, I was beeping be the end of my modified weenie wall walk which actually had me moving my hands in closer to the wall, but not me getting perfectly upright. That was more than I had ever done before, too. Coming back down was scarier than going up. But I was already beeping so there was more pausing and that meant that I was farther into the time before I was done. I was still at 151 (still beeping) as the last round started.

Because the bar is so light, my form on the cleans wasn’t that good. I wasn’t forced to actually use my hips to pop the bar up, it was light enough for me to just pull it up. I went back and forth between 42# and 33# several times last night. If it was just 5 RFT, I would have done the 42# and paused as I needed to pause. But if I chose too big, I might only get two rounds in because of the whole heart rate thing. But my times were .54, 1.28, 1.39, 1.58, 1.56.

I got home, got lunch, and got online only to find Amazon is still worrying about that dollar. I got in touch with them to explain there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it until tomorrow no matter how many times they told me about it. They cancelled the charge and I can rebuy it tomorrow when I have a way to pay for it. I’m sure we will all sleep better tonight knowing that Amazon will not crash and burn.