Yesterday was my rest day and so I was supposed to sleep in but I woke up earlier than I would have liked anyway. I figured that would make me doubly tired today, but I woke up just a few minutes before the alarm went off. That is so much nicer than being jarred awake by that horrid noise.

There was someone from Hilton Head at the box this morning but he didn’t work out at Craig’s place. He did know Craig and had heard good things about him and said he thought he was a good guy. I agreed. Whole heartedly. Without bias or prejudice.

Coach Jason had the 5 AM class today but he was an athlete at 6 AM. Kim was an athlete for 5 AM and a coach for us. We did a short run to the corner and back (200 meters) and I was the last one back. Big surprise there. We did some other stuff and by the time we got to the 10 push-ups, I was beeping. Then I beeped with the broad jumps down the mat. I counted and Jeremiah made it in three jumps while it took me six. We were eventually declared warm and on to the workout.

Today’s WOD as written:
Yates Row 7 x 5 –
Add weight from your Monday reps as long as you’re maintaining form.
buy in: max effort unbroken abdominal movement (i.e. t2b, k2e, ghd, abmats, etc.)
2 rft:
800m run
10 box jumps
5 deadlifts
250m row
cash out: 100 burpees minus total # of ME reps from cash in.

Heavy Rx – 30/24 box – 275/185 deadlift
Masters Rx – 24/20 box – 225/155 deadlift
Windy Rx – 24/20 box – 185/135 deadlift *step ups allowed*
Post total time and abdominal movement chosen.

I was doing okay with the 63# on Monday and really liked the difference in the reverse grip. I went to 73# today and stuck with the reverse grip and got the reps in.

The guy from Hilton Head whose name I can’t remember, chose to go heavy for the WOD and then so did Ricky. I don’t remember seeing plates on Jason’s box, so he didn’t. I discussed this with Kim before starting. We know me and running don’t mix well. And me and burpees and low heart rate aren’t compatible in the least. When I saw this last night, I figured I would go with half the distance on the runs and half the reps on the combined abs/burpee buy in and cash out.

She agreed with that. I chose to do the abmat sit-ups because really, why not. The Hilton Head guy went with toes to bar. Everyone else had an abmat. There is only so much testosterone available and toes to bar looked way too nasty to everyone else, too.

Kim’s daughter is just starting out with this stuff and neither one of us could do the weights as written. I have no idea what she had on her bar, but I had 105# which is ten pounds heavier than I have been doing for deadlifts. I used a 20” box and did step-ups.

I got the entire 50 sit-ups done before I left the building. I don’t think I could have managed another 50 because I was near to beeping as it was so my choice to cut that in half was wise.

My biggest problem with running during a WOD is not running during a WOD. When I run, it is still slow and more like a jog so I don’t gain much in the way of shortened time, but my heart rate goes too high and I have to recover. I strolled the parking lot, ran to the end of the block, strolled some more, ran back part of the way, strolled some more, but still had too high of a heart rate when I got back and had to sit for a few seconds on the box before stepping on it.

I started beeping on rep 8 and was going to finish them, but that is defeating the purpose. So I waited. It didn’t take long. I got three deadlifts in and had to wait again. I finished them, did the row with some beeping toward the end, and then went for another stroll.

This time I was smarter and walked out farther, ran sooner, recovered longer on the final stroll and could start the step-ups to the box right away. I had to pause once in the middle and again at the end before starting the deadlifts. Then I rested on the rower while it was starting up and finished. At the very end of a WOD, I don’t stop unless I’m trying to pass out because I rest when it is over. I figured this was the same concept. I finished in 19.39. My heart rate was still less than 160.

Hilton Head Guy only managed 16 toes to bar and so he had 84 burpees to do. By the time I finished, he had 30 left. I know that CrossFit etiquette says no one puts their equipment away until everyone is finished. When you are done, you cheer on those who are still working. This doesn’t ever happen at my box. I’m the last one done and everyone has everything put away and they are sitting on the bench and gabbing while I try to finish killing myself.

I know this isn’t how it is supposed to be, but it is the culture here. I didn’t want Hilton Head Guy to think we were horrible and so when I finished, I perched my fat ass on his 30” box and cheered him on. Once I started, others joined in and before he finished, we had the entire cast and crew urging him on and applauding when he got done. The only equipment still left out was his and mine, but at least they didn’t let him melt in a puddle of sweat all alone.

They put away his equipment and I got mine put up and we could all go home, happy with what we accomplished. Hilton Head Guy did mention by the time he was done that he may have chosen poorly and should have gone with the abmat sit-ups. Live and learn.

I was happy with the way I had scaled this. I got done about the same time as most others and felt like I worked hard without cheating myself.