We did a couple 5K walks this weekend – once around the neighborhood and a second time at the beach. I’m not really certain about the distance, but I’m calling that just because there is no one to actually dispute my claim. I know my walking pace and I know how long we walked, so I’m guessing it was close to 5K one way or the other. Both walks had their charms.

I found a new pattern to knit and was going along until I made a mistake and it was all this yarn over stuff so there were loops everywhere and the only way to not have the mistake was to start over. I’m going to have to learn how to unknit better. Or else figure out what to do about a lifeline.

After a relaxing weekend where many of my problems were solved, it was back to the box bright and early today. I put the I CAN Games information on the board. And I had also done my homework for the WOD. It said to compare to March 3 and so I looked that up to see what I had done and handed my write up to Coach Ryan to figure out while I was writing stuff on the board.

Warm-up was a 400 meter run and I only did 300 meters and when I got back I started my heart monitor and I was already beeping. This did not bode well for the day. We did some other stuff and then we were declared warm and I only beeped one more time during the warm-up. Then it was on to the WOD.

Today’s WOD as written:
Yates Row – 6 x 6
Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
Slam Balls (40/25)
Overhead Walking Lunge (45/25)

Rx is going to be based off of your form not your weight. You can post Rx @ (your weights) if you maintain:
Full extension of arms, knees & hips and a vertical body position at the top of your kettlebell swings AND slam balls AND overhead walking lunges.
Squatting (not bending at the waist) and catching the slam ball before it bounces a second time at the bottom of your slam balls.
Knee touching the ground on every step of your overhead walking lunges.
Every one of these movements should have you at some point during each rep standing very straight and vertical with the object directly over your head without a bend in your elbows, knees or hips and an open, strong shoulder position.
No Reps for breaking form!!! (That means you don’t count it and you do another rep)
COMPARE to 3.3.14

I did 63# on the Yates rows and for the last two sets I reversed my grip and could feel a difference.

What I did for the WOD
20# dumbbell kettlebell swings
10# med ball clean and jerks
PVC pipe walking lunges

My time in March was 11.13. My heart rate was high and all that other stuff.

Today, my monitor was set to beep at 151. I stopped as soon as I heard it and kept track of how long it took to get my heart rate down to 145 so I could work again. I got 18 KB swings in and the drop in just 5# made a huge difference there. I had to rest 45 seconds to get back to work and could finish the swings and get on to the clean and jerks. I didn’t get real far on those and had to rest 45 seconds again. I worked some more and then got the brilliant idea to rest sitting down and lo and behold, I could recover in 30 seconds. When I started the walking lunges, I found my nemesis, my Waterloo, my downfall. It took me several rests to get through them. At one point I only got three lunges in before I was beeping again three lunges, wait 30 seconds, three lunges, wait 30 seconds … really?

And because I’m apparently not as good at speed reading as I thought, I was using a 15# dumbbell last time instead of the 20# but those weren’t were I was falling apart, so it probably didn’t matter.

I got through all the reps in 18.46. I had at least 9 minutes of that time waiting for my heart rate to get down. I was, of course, the last person done by a very long shot. I think Jeremiah’s time was 5.00 even.

After class Ryan and I talked about strategies to figure out how to get my heart rate to not kill me. It is better than when I started. It takes more work to get high and the times it took a long time to get back down were when I didn’t hear it beeping and it went to 158. But I never got light headed and I managed to do the whole thing today without sucking wind and feeling sickish.

I’m not sure how it compares to March, except it is much longer. But my heart rate never topped 160 today. I don’t know where I should really put my limit. That might be a good thing to find out.