Last night, I went to a seminar put on by Coach Jason about understanding the WOD and scaling. There are three types of activity. One of them is peak performance done quickly – an example is a one rep max. Then there are sprint WODs which are designed to last from 3 to eight minutes. And chipper WODs which are long grueling met con events lasting even longer. Each demands a different type of work from the athlete.

Sprint WODs should have you working at about 70-80% of your peak performance while chipper WODs (from a Hero WOD to running a marathon) require you to sustain at a lower rate for a longer time. Unfortunately for me, everything is in that 100% mode because the only things I have are so minimal that I must go all out all the time or I can do nothing. My heart rate peaks out always and forever which I guess is better than no heart rate at all.

It was suggested that I lower my alarm rate so that I stop working sooner and recover faster. I did that. I couldn’t get through the warm-up today. I did manage the two minutes of double under practice mostly because I kept missing the double unders and would have to regroup. Lunge down the mat made me beep. Broad jump down the mat made me beep. Overhead squats with a PVC pipe made me beep. Dislocates and passthroughs were okay. I’m simply pitiful. My heart rate was over 150 while doing practically nothing.

Now, I hate partner WODs anyway. I hate to be the anchor tied around someone’s neck. I can only work for a short time and need a break to recover because I’m pitifully out of shape even now. Whenever I work with a partner, I know that person is last on the board along with me. I know going in everyday that I’m the worst person there, but I accept that. I hate making someone else join me at the bottom. These are “Fun Fridays” but I hate them with a passion.

Today’s WOD as written:
Working together and alternating movements
AMRAP in 5 minutes:
1 mat burpee broad jumps
1 mat walking lunges
rest 5 minutes
AMRAP in 5 minutes:
3 sidewalk sprints
10 overhead squats
rest 5 minutes
AMRAP in 5 minutes:
10 kettlebell swings
10 shoulder to overhead

Heavy Rx: 45/25 plate overhead – 115/80 ohs – 70/53 russian kbs – 115/80 s2o
Fast Rx: no plate overhead – 95/65 ohs – 53/35 crossfit kbs – 95/65 s2o
Light Rx: 25/10 plate overhead – 45/33 ohs – 53/35 russian kbs – 45/33 s2o

First of all I had to scale stuff. Even going with a heart rate beeping at 160, this was all beyond me. We both had to work at the same time and the partner could not advance to the next round until both people had completed the round. This also meant that Wheelis (my partner and a fit, young man) got to rest while waiting for me to catch up and the old, weak fart was supposed to keep moving for five minutes straight, something quite beyond me.

Even with modifying the moves, I was awful. I did a plank in and out and a broad jump and I didn’t put my hands down close to my feet. I used no weight on the walking lunges. I had a heart rate of 176 and was trying my best not to fall over by the end of the first five minutes when I did two rounds and one lunge down the mat. I was almost four minutes into the rest time before I stopped beeping.

My one rep max for an overhead squat is 33# so I did front squats with that weight which was still heavy. I walked a shorter distance so that I only took the same amount of time as the sprinters and so it wasn’t too bad. I finished two rounds and two “sprints” before time was up and my heart rate was only in the high 160s and I was done beeping around three minutes of rest.

I just started using a 25# KB a couple weeks ago, so that was heavy. I managed two rounds, all the KB swings and 8 of the shoulder to overhead. My heart rate was 178 when time was called. This is absurd. It is also unfair to my partner. I don’t know how else to manage this. Perhaps I need to rethink my attendance. I could do Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and do something not horrible on Saturday either at the box or in the garage.

My problem is that with open gym and unstructured classes, I’m pretty useless, too. However, four days in a row is more than my old body can handle so I can’t really do Monday through Thursday. There has to be a way to not kill myself, not punish someone else, and still manage to get my days in. I know I could allow myself the three days a week again, but the three days off in a row leave me feeling jittery with too much unused energy.

I’m sure there is a solution. It probably is sitting outside some box somewhere.