Yesterday was a wonderful day off from the box and my last day to work at work. I love Wednesdays. Over the weekend, I was very careful not to get a sunburn because those are just nasty. I brought a small purse sized can of spray sunscreen. I used my own scented lotion as body lotion on Thursday but on Friday, I used the lotion supplied by the Inn. I slept on Inn-laundered sheets which may have been bleached. I’m covered in a rash that is much worse where I directly sprayed sunscreen and only on places where I sprayed sunscreen. I’m assuming something happened with either an interaction between lotion and sunscreen, or that sitting in the closet over the winter made it more concentrated. Somehow, I’m bumpy, spotty, and very itchy.

I’m fairly certain that I should be staying cool and dry and so going to the box is probably dumb. But I go to the box. I have not been wearing any clothing over the rash and that helps some. I’ve been applying cortisone creams and taking Benadryl at night. I’m still itching constantly and trying not to scratch is getting quite wearing. It is even hotter at noon than it is at 6 AM, but with the Benadryl, I’ve actually been sleeping at night and it would have been a shame to wake up in the middle of the night when I didn’t have to. So off I went to the box for the noon class.

Warm-up was lots of stuff, the most astounding of which was two one-minute handstand holds. I cannot do a handstand. I walked up the wall and held for as long as I could and made 45 seconds. That’s what you get when you have an old fart in your class. More stuff followed and we were declared warm.

Today’s WOD as written:
Yates Row – 5 x 5 Spend 20 minutes learning and working on the Yates row. If you have found a good working weight, work up to it and complete the sets with very good form.
EMOM every 30 seconds complete the following complex:
front squat
push press/jerk to back
back squat
push press/jerk to front
No combining movements (i.e. no squat cleans, no thrusters)
You may let the bar rest on the ground until the next minute but you must pick it up immediately on the minute mark. Repeat until failure.

Big Bears: 135/95
Just Right: 95/65
Little Bears: 65/45
Post total rounds completed + movements completed.

I used 53# for the Yates row thing earlier in the week, but thought I could go heavier today. I used 63# for four of the sets of five and just to see if I could, I added another five for the last round and managed okay.

I spoke with Coach Mark before setting up for the Bear complex thing. I looked and the last time I did this was in December 2013. I failed at 33# but it was a whole bear complex which is seven rounds of those moves without stopping. I figured I could manage the Little Bear sets with the EMOM, but that had been crossed out and every 30 seconds substituted. If I had to go that often, I needed lower weight. I realized that young people didn’t need that long to recover, but I did.

We decided I would go every 30 seconds until I was beeping and then switch to EMOM. Well, I was beeping in the middle of the second set so I had to switch after two sets which meant that I was doing them on the half minute each time which was annoying but that is what it was. I was done beeping soon after the rest started – until round seven or eight and then I was done beeping when they were done moving until about round fifteen. Then I was done beeping about ten seconds before I needed to start again. And then I was at round nineteen and I couldn’t get back down, but I could do one more round and just beep through it. I got that 20th round.

The highest score was Sam, a tiny woman who was working with a Little Bear weight who got to 46. DeWayne was using a much bigger weight and made it to 45. So they weren’t working much longer than me, I just was doing more resting than them.

I’m glad we discussed this or I would have had to quit at 3 or 4 rounds. I got a lot more work done even though I had to rest a lot in between. I don’t know what to do about that. I can’t make my heart behave better.

My arms were shot and I was lucky to be able to drive the stick shift home. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get out of my sweaty, sticky sports bra, but luckily, I powered through that, too. I’m now cooled down, showered, and ready – for a nap.