May 2014

Yesterday was my rest day and pretty much all I did was be a slug. I got the laundry done and cooked dinner. I had an English muffin with lemon curd for breakfast and it was delicious and then I had an egg salad sandwich on whole wheat bread with some chips for lunch. I had gastrointestinal problems in the evening. I never believed there was a problem with how much wheat I was eating until the Whole Life Challenge thing. I can have one or the other of those above items without a problem. I can’t have both in the same day. I won’t do that again.

For some reason known only to the powers that be, yesterday was NOT a partner WOD. But I had already worked out two days in a row and I’m simply too old to manage three in a row. I need the recovery time. My arms were killing me yesterday, too. I worked on them quite a bit and could finally lift them over my head again by nightfall.

My plan, such as it is, is to hit the box for open gym on Saturday and so that is what I did. It was overcast this morning and the temps were in the low 70s so I thought it was going to be okay. What I didn’t take into account was the humidity. I was dripping before I got done warming myself up. I did a bunch more stretches and worked more on my arms. When I had a massage on Wednesday, my quads were really tight and so I did some couch sits as well.

Today’s WOD as written:
Deadlift – 3 @ 80%
3 @ 85%
3+ @ 90%
250 m row
20 KBS (53/35)
10 pull-ups
Rest 2 min between rounds

I used a calculator to see what those weights for the deadlifts should be. I started out with 53# and did ten reps quickly. Then I went to 83# and did 7 reps and got to 93# and did five. My 80% was at 113# pounds and I did my 3 reps without problem. 85% was between 118 and 123 but the weights weren’t and so I used the higher weight and did 3 reps. The final 90% was at 128# which is my body weight. I was to go until failure and I managed five reps. Five reps at body weight! I was in hog heaven.

I spoke with Kim before starting the WOD. I could manage a 25# kettlebell swing but not 20 times without stopping. I had planned to cut back the reps. What I wanted to know is was it better to do fewer reps with a heavier object or more reps with a lighter object. She said they were essentially the same, but what she would like for me to do was go with the heavier weight, see if I could get ten done without stopping and if possible, get the pull-ups in as well since there was a 2 minute rest built in.

I got the first round done without any stopping and without too much trouble. I was doing 10 kettlebell swings with 25# and 7 pull-ups using the green band except I lost my mind and did all ten reps. I was beeping, but it wasn’t too high. I finished at 2.28. The second round I again managed to get the entire round done without stopping, but my heart rate hadn’t been as low when I started and it was more of a problem. I did remember to only do 7 pull-ups. I finished at 7.06.

I was melting. The humidity was at saturation point. I had sweat dripping down my back and into my eyes. I was miserable and hot and tired. I got through the row and the ten kettlebell swings and my heart rate was 171. I simply had to pause before the pull-ups. I got in a few deep breaths and then climbed up and got the pull-ups done and was grateful for the next 2 minutes. It was 11.56. I rowed really, really slow for the last round, trying to save my heart rate for the harder work. I got the ten kettlebell swings done, but I was over 170 again and I had to wait before I could crank out the last seven pull-ups. I finished at 16.46 and was so glad it was over.

Somewhere during the last round it began to pour. It was coming down in buckets and I was so tempted to just walk out there and cool off. But I had to get in my car with the cloth seats and I had to stop at the grocery store on the way home. Both things meant that standing the rain wasn’t the smartest thing I could do.

Great workout today. I had fun. Now, a rest day again – I like those, too.


I’m saddened by the #YesAllWomen movement. It puts women, yes, all women, into the victim seat. It makes us all look weak and ineffective in running our own lives. We look like children who are afraid of the entire world where all men are beasts and waiting to pounce on us and there is nothing we can do.

I’m old now, but I used to be young and sorta cute. I had a few unasked for reaches and attempted gropes. I never felt the need to placate or appease. The men who made the mistake of entering my private space learned to back up quickly and get the hell out. I wasn’t even in the same good shape I’m in now, but I knew how much power I had and I wielded it with skill and maybe a bit of finesse. I had a doctor introduce me as “The nurse you can look at; but don’t touch.’ I’m assuming I’m still supposed to be offended because he objectified me.

Brad Pitt. Johnny Depp. Channing Tatum. Eduardo Noriega. Leonardo DiCaprio. Hugh Jackman. Ryan Gosling. Christian Bale. Norman Reedus. I had to look some of these up. These are hot guys that many women I’ve known have mentioned they would allow in their houses for the night should the opportunity arise.

This week’s big news was Kim Kardashian and Kayne West’s wedding. Women gossiping about women. Objectifying and comparing themselves to idiots with lots of money and no taste.

It isn’t only men who ogle women’s bodies. Women are sizing each other up and as the nation gets fatter and there are fewer fit men and the time and space to create six-pack abs, we sit in judgment of men with two-liter abs instead. I can’t even hazard a guess at how many deltoids I’ve seen this week, but they are usually shiny with sweat or oil or something to make them stand out.

Women want to be loved for their minds and yet push-up bras are out there. Over $10 Billion was spent in the US on plastic surgery procedures in 2011 with breast augmentation being the second most performed surgical procedure after liposuction and Botox being the most performed non-surgical treatment. But we want to be loved for our minds. Really.

Are women targeted for acts of violence? Yes. Are men targeted for acts of violence? Yes. Are children targeted for acts of violence? Yes. It seems the problem is too much violence and to me, it doesn’t matter the gender of either the perpetrator or the victim. Too much is too much.

Are we really blaming a victim when we say that putting yourself in a dangerous place increases your risk of danger? It seems to me that if you are in a bar at 2 AM and falling down drunk, the likelihood of another drunk person to misinterpret your slurred speech is far greater than if you are at dinner at 6 PM and barely into your one and only glass of wine and speaking clearly.

Do men come on to women who don’t want their attention? Yes. Is that abuse? Is it intimidation? Is it violence? Have you ever gone onto You Tube and watched the mating rituals throughout the animal kingdom where the males vie for the attention of the female standing by and watching them duke it out for her? Those are some freaky videos.

There are those among us who feel if the world isn’t perfect, they have been a victim. This isn’t healthy. Not because these people are victims, but because they are victimizing themselves and giving away all their power. You have the power to say no and the large majority of men will back off. Those who won’t aren’t appeased by your appeasing behaviors; they are only encouraged. And if you say NO loud enough in a public place, there will be enough help from amongst the onlookers to keep you safe.

Just as a side note. Are beautiful, young women in the company of a Sugar Daddy being abusive? They have objectified the old goat into nothing more than a wallet. Is that wrong?

I refuse to be a victim. I don’t want any other women speaking in my behalf and turning me into one. Thanks, anyway.


I was not up in time for an early morning trip to CrossFit. My plan was to hit the noon class. I was out of the house by 8 AM and got to the grocery store and found more groceries than I thought I was going to buy. Talenti makes ice cream bars. Just in case you need to know that. I paused and grabbed a box. I put it back but noticed several flavors. I got it back out. I put it back. If I can resist it once in the grocery store, I don’t have to resist it repeatedly here at home. I got sea salt caramel flavor.

I managed to get some writing done and then it was time to head out to the box. It was hot. It was also humid. It was just not very pleasant out there. I understand many boxes aren’t climate controlled. It isn’t so bad in the winter, even when it is below freezing, but it is horrid in the summer. It isn’t even summer yet.

Kim was coaching today and there were seven of us in attendance. We warmed up with a 500 meter row and then Ryan complex down the mat and then a 400 meter row and 10 jumping air squats and then a 300 meter row and bear crawl down the mat and ten push-ups and a 200 meter row and ten ring rows. I was pooped after the warm-up and already had my t-shirt off.

Today’s WOD as written:
3 rounds not for time
Max effort pull-ups
45 sec plank hold
3 x 5 reps
4 x 3 reps
5 x 1 rep (should be heavy)

With just a green band I used for a warm-up, I could get 12 pull-ups without real struggle. I tried, just for kicks, to see if I could even budge my fat ass up a little for a real pull-up and I moved a few inches upward. For the workout, I used just a blue band. I asked about a 45 second plank hold if unable to sustain it and it could be accumulated.

On the first round I got 6 pull-ups and the whole plank. Resting was at our option for as long as we needed. I got my heart rate down to 125 and managed 7 pull-ups but my heart rate was then 164 and I couldn’t even think of starting the plank. I did when I hit about 155 and had to break after 30 seconds. On the last round, I again recovered until I was down to a heart rate around 125 and got 5 and had to break the plank after 30 seconds again. What a weenie! Samantha and Eric were the only ones there who could manage pull-ups without bands.

Kim suggested that the cleans (full cleans – no power stuff) be done at 75% of one rep max, then 80 to 85% and then 90 to 95% of a one rep max. The two new people didn’t know what their one rep max was. Mine is 57# which means I was using the 22# bar. The two new people were going to share a bar because Kim thought I wanted the other 22#, but I said I was using a 33# bar.

We went over incremental parts to a clean and then were on our own. I used just the empty 33# for the sets of five and was beeping by the end. I had my bar resting on two parallettes so it was about the right height for the pull. Kim came over and said she liked the idea. I told her I did too, but it wasn’t mine – it was Coach Jason’s. I bet she was glad to hear it wasn’t Craig’s.

I would be beeping by rep four but did the five and then rested until I could do the next set. Then I added another ten pounds and I would be beeping for the third rep but finished the sets. At some point in this, Kim again came over and asked if I knew I was standing on plate. How could I not know? As soon as she said it, she figured it out and said, “Oh, you are evening out your legs.” I didn’t do it on the first two sets and it really did help with the rest of the squats.

I added ten more pounds which meant I didn’t need the parallette bars anymore since I had real plates on the bar and could manage the one at a time series. I still had room to go and if it was supposed to be to establish a one rep max, I think I would have been able to get a higher number, but that wasn’t the goal of the day. My scores were 6/7/5 and 33#/43#/53#.

I came home with the air conditioning on full blast and immediately got in the shower to cool down. Usually I eat first, but I was so hot, I didn’t even stop for food. But now I’m cooled off and fed and going to just enjoy the rest of my day. Tomorrow is another rest day for me and Saturday has open gym at nine.

Beginning next week, the box will be open from seven AM to noon each day for open gym times so I think next Thursday, I’m going to go as soon as I wake up and can get ready. This heat is just too much stress for an old fart. It is 93⁰ and feels like 95 out there right now. I wouldn’t know. We turned the air on last week and I have both the ceiling fan and regular fan blowing on me. I’m almost cool.


Yesterday was my rest day from the gym and my work day for work. I managed to pass the day without undue stress and got some writing done and some knitting done. I read some and played stupid computer games. Dick made chicken penne rosa last night for dinner and did an excellent job. All in all, it was a good day.

For some ridiculous reason I was up at 4.10 this morning. I tried to fall back to sleep, but my brain turned on and then it was all over. I tossed and turned and kept thinking the alarm would be going off soon right up until the alarm went off and the noise still shocked me – like it was unexpected or something.

I had my protein shake, got dressed, and headed out the door. I found my left behind water bottle, remembered to bring my jump rope in with me, and was ready for a great day at the box.

Coach Corey had the class this morning. She has been writing our programming for a few weeks now. She likes to make sure everyone is warm when we work so there was lots of warm-up stuff. We did things with a ten pound plate (the guys had 25#) and twirled around with them and all manner of stuff. When it got to jumping over them, I was beeping during the warm-up! What a novelty.

Today’s WOD as written:

back squat – 3 @ 80%
3 @ 85%
3+ @ 90%
12 min AMRAP

50 DU
250 m row
200 m run

Last week I was talking to one of the coaches about squatting and feet placement. I mentioned the crookedness of my body and how one leg is so much shorter than the other. He said to put a small plate under the heel of my right foot to even my legs out. I tried that today with the back squats and I do believe it helped. I only got told to keep my knees out once. It’s usually a more frequent issue.

I did the warm-up squats and then figured I was working to 78#, 83#, and 88# since that’s the way the weights come. I got three of each and the plate seemed to help throughout, but especially at the heavier weights.

We discussed how to scale the WOD. Ricky tried double unders last week and his foot was bothering him enough so that he wanted to sub them out today. Cindy did a mile run for Murph on Monday and her foot was bothering her. Both decided they would do sit-ups instead. Todd decided to try real double unders, with attempts counting. I stuck with single unders. I was hoping there wasn’t going to be any looking for a 4:1 sub for that.

Amazingly, the goal for this WOD was endurance. The plan was to move and keep moving and never stop with the moving. Corey asked me about double unders and they make my heart rate skyrocket, so I was sticking with single unders and I had planned 3:1 and just wasn’t going to say anything. She said I should only do 30 which I was hoping meant 90 but she said, no, really, just 30 single unders. I was shocked. I said I could do 50. She said she wanted me to be able to keep moving. I thought about it some more. I wouldn’t be rowing fast and I would only be strolling leisurely through the parking lot, but I thought I could manage.

Time started. I got the 50 single unders, started beeping, but just barely while rowing, and got my heart rate back down while I walked. I beeped during the single unders, but not much, could row without a problem, although it was slow as molasses in January. I walked and my heart rate came down. Repeat. There was just a little under two minutes on the clock when I got back from round three. I got in the jumps, was beeping but there wasn’t all that much time left, and I really rowed for the last few seconds while time counted down. My score was 3+50+105.

Today was the first time I managed to work solid through a WOD without stopping to rest and pant and try not to die. At the very end, when I was pushing for those last few meters, my heart rate got up to 170 but most of the time in was just in the 150s and I never felt bad even though I never stopped moving. What a concept!


Today, the box was supposed to be closed. Nothing. No people there. Coach Jason said he would be available and open the box from 7 AM to 8.30 AM if anyone wanted to work out. The WOD of choice was Murph. About 25 to 30 people showed up. It was amazing. Thanks, Coach Jason for doing this. He did say he wasn’t sure if anyone would even show up and was astounded by the number of participants. He is the first hero of the day.

For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

Murph is a hero WOD because Murph was a hero. Here is what CrossFit has to say about this young man’s dedication.

In memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005.

This workout was one of Mike’s favorites and he’d named it “Body Armor”. From here on it will be referred to as “Murph” in honor of the focused warrior and great American who wanted nothing more in life than to serve this great country and the beautiful people who make it what it is.

Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you’ve got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.

Murph may have been a hero, but I am not. I’m twice his age, plus a bit more and while this is supposed to be tough and way to honor the commitment of this young warrior, it is not supposed to kill the old athlete. I asked Craig about scaling.

Today’s WOD as written by Craig for his old mother:
This is my favorite Hero WOD for many reasons!
Here is what I suggest:
For time:
800m run/walk
50 ring rows
70 pushups, box or abmats okay
150 squats
800m run/walk

*Break up the ring rows, pushups and squats anyway you wish

Go for your 800m run. Come back.
10 rounds of:
5 ring rows
7 pushups
15 air squats
Go for your 800m run. Look at the clock and be proud to be able to live in America!

It’s supposed to be hard for sure. But it should CHALLENGE you, not DESTROY you.
Murph would never have wanted that. He gave his life so that his friends could LIVE.

I listened to my son even though I thought he was giving me too much of a break. I can do band assisted pull-ups and the ring rows were really easy. I remember when I couldn’t do them at all. There were no legs in this, I was on my heels and it was all arms pulling me up against gravity. I did real push-ups but not really real since they were wormy but it is the best I can do – so far. They aren’t nearly as wormy as they used to be. I will get there. Squats are squats are squats. There was a time when I couldn’t do them, either, but now I can. I can even do 150 of them. At least they didn’t have a med ball to a nine foot high mark included.

My runs were mostly walks. I started out “running” which is really a slow jog and I started beeping (about 200 meters in – okay, less than that but I ran 200 meters anyway) and then I walked the rest of the way. Then I began my sets and worked them with two moves and a rest, two moves and a rest meaning I did the ring rows and the push-ups, rested and then did the squats and the ring rows and rested and then would do the push-ups and the squats and just kept moving as much as possible. I walked the entire last half mile and never once stopped beeping. I hit the door at 39.32.

I felt a little guilty. It wasn’t really even half a Murph and I felt like there was more I could manage. I could get those other 30 push-ups Craig eliminated for his old mother. So I did those when I got back (this is what happens when you walk instead of run – you have enough air to actually think of something other than simple survival) and I finished that at 41.09.

One athlete was wearing the 20# vest. Everyone there was dripping wet even though it was a beautiful morning with the temperature in the high 60s or low 70s and little humidity and both fans on. We were all just working really, really hard – which is the point.

Jeremiah finished a full Murph in 32 minutes even. He is 18 years old. Ricky did a full Murph with a sub 40 minute time, but I don’t remember what. Ricky mentioned he was twice Jeremiah’s age. I’m about 3.5 times his age.

Jeremiah is amazing, simply awesome to watch. But really, if you can’t be awesome as an 18 year old male, when can you be? Ricky was amazing and awesome, too. He was determined. Jeremiah broke the moves into sets; Ricky did them straight through.

Something caught in my head this morning. Everyone there was amazing. Here were many athletes of varying degrees of ability and all working extremely hard on a holiday when it was assumed no one would even show up at all. Since I was in the first wave to start and only did a half, I was done early and got to watch others pushing through. It was inspiring.

I got home and Dick was out golfing (I didn’t know he was going but how nice he gets to have fun, too). So I had quiet time to reflect.

Jeremiah was awesome; I was awesome. I’m not the fastest or the strongest or the best at anything. But I keep coming back and by teeny, tiny increments that are indiscernible from day to day, I’m improving. I’m doing things I couldn’t have imagined when I walked through those doors less than two years ago. Then I couldn’t do squat, literally. I wouldn’t have been able to do this, even a half Murph. I might have been able to finish a quarter Murph with really crappy using legs ring rows, push-ups from my knees, and squats not breaking parallel. But I’m not sure I could have even managed that.

While it is inspiring and amazing to watch the young men (and women) who come in and nail this stuff, it is pretty damn amazing that I’m there with them, struggling and yet not quitting. I hate to be the loser and I’m the loser every time if I choose to compare myself to kids who are younger than some of my socks. But if, instead, I compare myself to who I used to be, I’ve won big time. I’ve faced the challenge and carried on. I wish I could tell Murph how inspiring he was and I would hope that he could see that I’m no slouch, either.

Happy Memorial Day – thank a veteran for the freedom to live free.


I successfully avoided partner WOD day and had far more fun. Dick and I went on a two hour guided kayak trip. Botany Bay Ecotours is on Edisto Island and our kayak with the dolphins trip was great. We saw two different groups of dolphins. The first had three dolphins while the second pod had about eight, one of them a juvenile. They were less than fifty yards from us at their closest.

Dick mentioned a couple times how impressive my muscles were while I paddled. I work out. The only thing sore after two hours was my thumbs. I should have taped them since I was starting to get blisters from rubbing on the paddle. Other than that, it was a beautiful day. I’m glad it was scheduled for earlier in the day since it was getting really hot by the time we got out of the water.

Then on to the box this morning for open gym. I got there slightly before nine and warmed up before most of the people were even there. That gives me the choice of setting up wherever I want. I want right in front of the fan. Perfect place and I claim it.

I did a 200 meter run and was beeping when I got back. I did other warm-up things and then some stretching and declared myself warm enough.

Today’s WOD as written:
Skill by CrossFit Summerville
Deadlift – 5 @ 75%
5 @ 80%
5+ @ 85%
WOD by Conviction Training Facility home of CrossFit Hilton Head aka, Craig
10 double unders (attempts count) or 30 singles
10 DL @ 70# KB (this will feel light and this is GOOD!)
20 WB at weight of choice (medium to light medball is suggested… make it about technique and steady movement, not weight!)
10 DL @ 70# KB
40 hanging knee raises or 60 situps
10 DL @ 70# KB
20 WB at weight of choice
10 DL @ 70# KB
10 double unders (attempts count) or 30 singles
If you were working out here, I would put a 15:00 cap on this workout to help you choose weights correctly and understand the energy domains we are trying to push. But that’s just me and I don’t want to take over your gym’s philosophy or programming…

I got a one rep max last week with my deadlift and so I had to sit here and do math before I left for the box. Okay, I had to enter numbers into Google and let it be a calculator. Then I had to take the actual decimal point number and turn it into a weight that I could place on a bar. According to all this math stuff (who knew CrossFit was so full of math?) I used 108# for the 75% and 113# for the 80% and got five of each. I asked Coach Mike about resetting on the sets of five. My grip was slipping and when I put the bar down, I reset my hands. Technically, this is not allowed and it is touch and go. I did that with the 118# and got five reps. I could have reset and gotten another one or two, but I was happy with this performance and called it a day.

For the WOD, I hadn’t really decided on how to handle the middle, but I figured I had time between start and middle to figure that out. I knew I didn’t want to mess with double unders to start and just did the 30 single unders and I could get in the ten deadlifts before I started to beep. Then it was all downhill on the heart rate front.

I got my heart rate under 150 and did wall balls in 7-7-6 scheme using a ten pound med ball. It is the lightest we have except for the kid four pound one. I got the deadlifts done and was beeping and the time was around six minutes in. Hanging knee raises was going to make my heart rate go too high, too often. I figured I could do sit-ups with less problem there so I got an abmat and did 30-15-15 (about 5-10 second pauses) and got them done without ever beeping.

I stood up in front of the bar and my heart rate went higher and higher. I tried to wait patiently, but instead of coming down, it went from 148 to 155 and just stayed there. I got to 150 – finally – after waiting for way too long and got the deadlifts in. Then back to wall balls and the 7-7-6 scheme. My heart rate was 161 when I was done and there was over 14 minutes gone. I had twenty more moves. I decided to do them. I got the ten deadlifts done. I rested. Then I got one double under and one attempt, one double under and a miss, and then a miss. My heart rate was 171. This wasn’t going to work. I figured I would just finish with single unders and I was at 23 before I realized I really only needed to do 15, but then I just did the 30 anyway because why stop that close? I finished in 17.25.

I was speaking with another coach post WOD and she said how good my moves were. I was complaining about being old (I know, that is a shock, isn’t it?) and she said I moved better than some 40 or 50 year olds. That was nice. I had taken my shirt off after the last wallballs and Kim pointed out that I was sporting a six pack. Not too bad for an old fart who came in fat and flabby.

It is so much better when I don’t have to feel like I’m holding a partner back. I still push myself, but only to my own limits.

As I was getting ready to write this, I copied and pasted from the email Craig sent me. It was only then that I noticed the 10 DL @ 70# KB and I have no idea what that KB means. I also can’t get a bar to weigh 70# and so I used 73# but I don’t think that makes much difference.

It was much cooler today, only in the 70s and so the whole experience was simply wonderful. I worked hard without actual melting and felt good about the WOD instead of feeling like an anchor around someone else’s neck.


I was up at 4.45 this morning and considered going to the box at 6. Instead, I crawled back into bed and fell asleep until 7.30 which was really great in the morning. It wasn’t quite as great at noon, when it was really hot out there, but that’s a different story.

I had my morning coffee and then had Greek yogurt, cherries, and mandarin oranges for breakfast.

I’ve gotten into the routine of grocery shopping in the morning and today I did that. I made some poor stock person go back and find me the quart of plain Greek yogurt before I really thought about it and after he made the trip and found some for me, it dawned on me that eating vanilla flavored Greek yogurt wouldn’t be so bad since I always mix it with fruit anyway. Maybe I will try that next time. The worst than can happen is that I don’t like it.

I got more stuff done around here. I’m supposed to be writing history essays for Little Bits of History, but I’ve been quite slack. I like to be an entire month ahead and May is coming to an end and I still have a way to go with June. I better get busy. I got two written this morning. I need to write some more. I will get it done; I always do.

Then it was time to have my protein shake with the crappy store brand almond milk and get off to the box. It was hot. I don’t know how hot because I didn’t look. But I was melting. I had sweat dripping into my eyes and that was just as part of the warm-up. We did a slow 200 meter run, which is the only kind I do. I was first out and last in. Then lunge down the mat frontwards and backwards and I was beeping – I got my watch fixed – already. Then some other stuff and then we did a warm-up WOD

3 rounds
10 hang power clean – just the bar
10 overhead squats
10 step-ups to a box

I used the 22# bar and was beeping all over the place. I got through one whole round and the ten cleans and everyone else was finished. I mentioned that I was warm since I was at my 100% mark already and felt as good as I was going to get.

Today’s WOD as written:
15 minutes snatch practice
3 rounds:
2 min AMRAP
3 snatches 115/75
6 burpees
rest 2 minutes between rounds
Rx: 50%+ bodyweight snatches

We did reps with the just a PVC pipe to practice each incremental movement of the snatch. I hate this. I still cannot do a full snatch with even the 22# bar. I can power snatch it and then overhead squat but I feel so incredibly off balance and unstable, that I can’t put the two together. I feel like a nincompoop and a weak one at that. Almost two years now and I still can’t do this. I feel like I should be brought to CrossFit in a short bus rather than my sports car.

I could, however, get the power snatch and then do a full squat with the overhead bar, touching my fat behind to a med ball. As long as I did one move, balanced, and then the second part I was golden. Put them together and I don’t even get close to a full squat. I worked at it and felt more comfortable with keeping the bar in close on the pull and tossing it overhead. Falling under it is just going to have to happen later.

My heart rate would be over 151 after each attempt. I was only getting down to about 145 before starting and then one snatch and overhead squat and beep, beep, beep. I hate this part most of all. It’s been almost two years of this for my heart, too. You would think it would just behave and pump efficiently at some point. Well, I would think that. And be wrong.

I continued to use just the 22# for the WOD and did modified burpees. Coach Becky asked what I was subbing and I said a plank out and in and stand up – no push-up and no jump included. She said that was fine.

I sat around for three full minutes before we were going to start and had a heart rate in the 120s. I got through the first set and was over 160 so I rested. I got down to 155 and did another set but was at 170 and getting dizzy and overheated. I rested. I got in three more snatches and time was called.

It took 1 minute and 10 seconds to stop beeping and so my heart rate wasn’t very low when it was time to start again. I got through the first round, had to pause for about 15 seconds, did the second round. There were 30 seconds left, but my heart rate was 170+ and I was too woozy to throw the bar overhead. Rather than knock myself out, I sat down.

It was 1 minute and 15 seconds after I sat before I stopped beeping, but that still gave me more time to recover before the next set. This time, at the end, I could rest forever – or until Saturday. So I was hoping to get more in than on the first round. I didn’t, but I did once again get two full sets plus 3 and had a total of 60 reps for the WOD.

I believe I could power clean half my body weight. In fact, I think I could clean and jerk half my body weight. I could probably have done a one rep snatch with just the 33# bar. What I can’t manage is repeated lifts with greater weights because then I beep so much, I can’t get any rep count in. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with this situation.

Someday, I’m going to get there. I’ve amazed myself with how far I’ve come in many other lifts. I need to be patient, but if there is one thing I certainly am not – patient is it.


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