Yesterday at work was busy with paperwork, not my favorite stuff which makes being an administrator sorta a bad career choice. But then again, no one bled on my shoes or puked on me, so there is that in its favor. I have no idea why I was so tired after this strenuous working on spreadsheets sort of day, but I was.

I looked at the WOD, figured I could manage parts of it and scale the rest and all would be fine. I went to bed too early but I couldn’t stay awake any longer. I knew it was a bad choice, but it happened. I was awake from 1.55 AM until around 4 AM. When the alarm went off, it would have been really easy to ignore it, but it was time to get up and have fun and so that’s what I did.

Warm-up seemed exceptionally long today. We did this and that and more this and more that and then some other stuff and just when we thought we were warm, we did that thing and those things and more things. Ricky and I were talking about the amazing fact that both of us could still walk today and figured that we would be unable to walk the day after the day after instead.

Today’s WOD as written:
Yates Row – Spend 25-30 minutes learning the Yates Row. Find a good working weight and try a few sets of 5. No more than 5 sets.
AMRAP in 10 minutes:
1 Parking lot sprint
9 Clean
Heavy Rx – Sprint w/ slam ball(40/25) – Clean (185/125) – KBS (70/53)
Fast Rx – Clean (95/65) – KBS (53/35)

The Yates row is another way to isolate and work on the lats and I should have really strong lats but I don’t and I’m still pitiful. I worked up to 52# and did five sets of five at that weight.

I opted to scale my parking lot stroll and not go as far and spend about the same amount of time in the parking lot as the sprinters. I learned that as tempting as it is to actually run the first time when I’m all rested, it is stupid. And I don’t have to be a stupid jock. I can be a smart jock if I choose to be. The competitive nature of sports doesn’t mean I have to lose my mind. So I strolled while everyone else ran past me. It is actually quite hard to do that.

I used 42# for the cleans and can’t do a toes to bar. Doing a knees to elbows thing is how I fell off the bar and hurt myself during the Open. I didn’t want to do that again. What a weenie. Everything scares me. I was getting close to real knees to elbows again today but never did more than my arms felt comfortable with. The first time I did four and three and then I did three, two, and two and for the last round I just did whatever I could manage. The last two were one at a time because it felt safer than falling on my ass again. I used the 25# kettlebell and did real, actual kettlebell swings and nearly scared myself. I almost lost my grip on one but the thought of beaning myself with that much weight made me grab tighter and I managed to hold on and not get hurt – again.

There was less beeping than I thought would happen. I managed to get through the cleans each time without pause. I got through the whole first round with just enough pause to actually pant for a few seconds. By the second round, I had to let my heart rate come back down before the knees to elbows stuff and before the kettlebell swings. On the third round, I had to pause a bit in the middle of the knees to elbows. There was less than a minute left when I headed for the parking lot and I strolled as Kim counted down. I was going to have to sprint to make the door before time ran out and so I hit it and managed to get to the doorway just as time was called. I had a score of 3+1.

My one RM for a clean is 67# and I just recently managed to get a 25# KB up over my head in a nice swing. My weights were not even at the fast RX, but they were heavy for me. I wish I knew what I was doing and if it was worth all this work. I believe it is. I know I’m stronger than I used to be, but it is disheartening to not be better.

Ricky was complaining about Jeremiah’s youth and ability to rush through things. Ricky was chagrined to have to say he was twice the age and it was tough. I looked at the young man who is younger than my baby and who is slightly more than half my age and said, “Really?” Kids, today! But I figure if Ricky can already be worrying about the decline of old age and he is 33, I should be happy with what I can get done at the box.