We had a lovely weekend getaway. We went to St. Augustine and became quintessential tourists. We met Barb and Bill there and stayed a lovely Inn. We walked around, took the trolley, walked some more, ate more food than we needed, walked some more, and learned many things and ate great food and walked. Lots of walking. Lots of eating. We visited the Fountain of Youth and the St. Augustine Fort as well as many beautiful churches and historic sites. The city will be 450 years old next year and the King and Queen of Spain are visiting and the Pope might also show up. It will be a zoo and I’m glad we visited this year instead.

I realized after dinner last night that I didn’t have lettuce for my salad and so Dick and I walked up to Harris Teeter to get some. Then I started worrying that they might close the salad bar before I got there and so we walked fast. It was still open when we got there so I got my baby spinach and spring mix mixed and we walked home trying to get there before dark, so we walked fast.

I was up bright and early to get back into the routine of my regular life and made it to the box with enough time to do some negative pull-ups before class started. The 5 AM people were still going at it at 6 and so we warmed up in the parking lot so as not to get in their way. Cindy doesn’t like Mondays and she apparently talked Todd into staying home as well. But Ed was there. He will be here for a week.

We did enough stuff to be declared warm and then began today’s WOD.

Today’s WOD as written:
Timed Mile Run
5 rounds for time:
200m sprint
20 walking lunges (45/25)
20 wall balls (20/10)
20 abmat sit ups

When I looked at this last night I just laughed. I had just gotten back from a 3.5 mile walk and I knew my mile time with that and it wasn’t looking that good. Rolf, a visitor, was there today and I was still the oldest person, but not by very much (I assume). He wanted to do the whole mile. I did not. I ran/walked a half mile. I bet Ricky he couldn’t do a mile and get back thirty seconds before me. Jeremiah beat me by more than 30 seconds, but Ricky did not. I got back in 6.24 and Ricky was only 20 seconds ahead of me. What a powerhouse I’m becoming.

I ran about 300 meters and walked real fast on the other 500 meters and once I started beeping, I didn’t stop again until I was inside and resting. I actually RAN instead of jogged the last 100 meters because Ricky had already passed me and I needed to get back to the box quickly. Running like the wind was tough on this old bird.

After we were all back, we rested for about four to five minutes and then we were ready for the workout.

Parking lot stroll
15 walking lunges (first round with 5#, just walking after)
15 wallballs with 10# ball
15 sit-ups

The whole day was just one mass of beeping. I got the wallballs done all at once on the first round and couldn’t manage them together again. The other two moves were done without stopping. I would just beep through the sit-ups because they aren’t that heart intensive. Then I would go on my stroll through the parking lot and finally get my heart rate back down in time to come back in and start the next round. I finished in 21.51.

The website said to compare to January 30, 2012. Well, I didn’t start this nonsense that soon and so there was nothing to actually compare it to. Except, I know I did better because in 2012 I couldn’t have done 75 lunges without a cane (probably not with a cane, either) nor 75 wallballs – even with the 4# ball. I don’t know if I could have done 75 sit-ups, I might have been able to pull that off. I could walk back then.

It felt good to get back to the box and burn up some of the jitters from not moving enough. Walking is great and we did a lot of it, but it isn’t anything at all like the hour I spend at the box. I’ve come to like this dreadful start to my days.