Yesterday was my day off CrossFit and my last day of the week to work. Wednesdays are my favorite! They just seem so luxurious. No getting up early. Weekend starts. And to top it off, I had a 90 minute massage last evening after work. I need to plan this a little better because I didn’t want to chug a cup of coffee and then be on a table for 90 minutes so I waited for my “afternoon” coffee and had it at 7 PM which is really no longer afternoon although it is after noon, technically speaking.

I managed to fall asleep before ten in spite of the whole coffee thing and was only up once in the middle of the night so it worked out okay, but I should probably have taken real coffee to work and made myself a cup around 3.30 and been in my normal coffee mode. Next time.

I looked at the WOD last night and just knew something was amiss. This couldn’t be right. But no matter what it is, I go on Thursday and so I went. I had to go early because I am busy later in the day. So I was up early and off to the box. I wish I knew the coach’s name, but I don’t. She knew my name because I’m famous and all.

I left for a run before it was even quite 6 AM because I am so slow. Everybody else was rowing when I got back, but I ran the entire 400 m today. I think what happens when I’m out there with other people is that they are all going so much faster than me that I up my pace in a pitiful effort to keep up and then I use all my heart beats and can’t even slowly jog. Anyway, by myself, I can run the distance albeit very slow.

We had a six minute obstacle course thing to run. Bear crawl the mat, five med ball thrusters, leaping and jumping over and onto things for the mat length, high knee run up, five more med ball thrusters, some sidewinder thing and sprint (I never sprint) back and then broad jump the mat and then start over. I made it through almost two full rounds. We weren’t supposed to stop but because it was the warm-up and all, but I was already beeping and didn’t feel like killing myself. I’m not supposed to work to capacity on the warm-up. I don’t know what they are supposed to do with me, but I keep showing up anyway.

We did a few more stretches and then we were ready for the WOD.

Today’s WOD as written:
For time:
Row 500m
15 Kettlebell Swings
10 Box Jumps
15 Slam Balls (40/25)

Heavy – 10 on Rower / 70/53 KBS / 30/24 BJ
Fast – 5 on rower / 53/35 KBS / 24/20 BJ

What I have learned yet again from the Master’s stuff is that old farts do not have to do as many reps as those young whippersnappers working right next to them. Cole was born in 1994 (we learned today). Craig was in college by then. I’m 41 to 42 years older than this kid, so he probably should be doing more stuff than me. Just in theory, right?

I knocked this all back and did something really stupid. I didn’t even realize it until I copied and pasted this here. I thought they were doing 20 box jumps and so I did 15 thinking it was less and here I was doing more. What an idiot. I’m going to have to learn from Cindy who when she “cheats,” does fewer not more reps.

Row 350m
10 Kettlebell Swings 25#
15 Box Jumps 16″
10 Slam Balls 25#

Anyway, I did real kettlebell swings with a real kettlebell and it was tough but I managed. I did have a 20# dumbbell handy just in case. I did step-ups because my heart rate was way too high and apparently I was doing way too many. I had to pause after them to get my heart rate down and do the ten slam balls all together. Then we were to take a walk through the parking lot and cool down.

We came back in and had to write our time down and add ten seconds. The coach had stopped the time when I left or shortly thereafter. I hadn’t looked at my time because I was just disgusted. Everyone else was long gone and here I was doing fewer reps (I thought) and was just so slow. But she had stopped the clock at 4.55 and so I was done around there. She thought maybe 4.45 so we would do another round and attempt to beat our score plus 10 seconds.

I wasn’t all that thrilled. I had attempted the higher weight real kettlebell swings knowing there was only ten and now there were twenty. But what else could I do. I did the stuff and even with the extra box not jumps, I got finished at 4.52 and so I know I beat whatever time I should have had since the clock was stopped before that.

If you went over your time on the second round, you had to do one burpee for every second over. Thank goodness I powered through.