Yesterday was somewhat chaotic. I pack my lunch every day for work. I worked, so I packed my lunch. But it was too early and so I put it in the refrigerator. I grabbed the two bags of stuff I had bought for work over the weekend and added to it with some of my stuff. I remembered to stop at the post office and get stamps. I got most of the way to work before I thought of my lunch still sitting in the fridge. I figured I would just get something from Single Smile Café and then Lester mentioned they were closed on Mondays. There is a new restaurant across the street. He wanted to try it and offered to buy us all lunch from there.

We couldn’t find them online because we weren’t sure of their name. We couldn’t actually see their sign from our windows so I went on a field trip and looked at their sign. I was tempted to just keep walking over there and getting a menu, but opted to go back and get it online. The name was Italy which made searching for it difficult. We found a phone number, but they didn’t have a website, even though they thought they did – which should have been a clue. I went on another field trip and got a menu. We all ordered (I got fettuccine Alfredo, my favorite). Then I went and picked it up and used Lester’s credit card to pay for it. Mine was horrible. So was Mandi’s and I didn’t ask the bosses what they thought.

I looked at the WOD last night and it was another one of the Master’s things and there was only one version printed. I knew there would be more and so I looked it up and felt better about it. Up early and to the box.

I left before everyone else for our 400 m run and still couldn’t manage running all the way back in. I’m not sure what was wrong but I ran out of steam. We did other stuff and then more stuff and then we were declared warm.

Today’s WOD as written:
Pistol practice – Spend 20 minutes working on your skills/mobility/etc. for the pistol squat. Make an attempt at an unbroken alternating set of pistols if you’ve mastered this skill.
Master Qualifier Event 4
(with an optional twist)
For time:
100 pull ups
100 wall balls
see workout sheet for age scaling
Choose a target number (x) for the pull ups and wall balls for your one minute. Then complete your repetitions as follows:
1 minute to reach target of x pull ups
1 minute to reach target of x wall balls
1 minute of rest
You may complete more than the target number of pull ups or wall balls within their respective minute but, if you fail to reach either of your targets in a round, you are penalized 25 burpees to be performed after the WOD. Post your “X”, your time of completion AND your penalty.

We worked on several different mobility stretches and then worked on pistols. I managed ten alternating to a 20″ box with sitting in the middle – so pathetic. But I did it twice so I don’t know if that makes it doubly pathetic or only half pathetic. I don’t really know which part I don’t have but I assume it is the balance and the strength and probably the agility and power, too. These are tough.

Then it was time for the workout and we went to the white board to see how to manage. The twist meant that you alternated a minute of one move; a minute of the other move; a minute rest; repeat until finished never getting fewer than your chosen goal. I had no desire to even risk having to do a burpee. I would rather do all the reps for one move and then all the reps for the other.

And I am the only person in the box who is old enough for this, but they do have options for masters (no one else was even old enough for the 55-59 age bracket). There is just me – the old fart.

50 pull-ups
100 wall-ball shots, 10 lb. to 9-foot target

I tried a 1+3 band and managed 25 that way but had a 4 band available which meant I went from 1.5 inches of band to 2 inches of band assist. I rested when my arms gave out and I was beeping a lot in here but my heart rate would come back down fairly fast. I didn’t look at the time when I finished these but Cheryl was doing the timed thing and she and I were only at the box together to start and once more, so it was under 7 minutes but over 4.

I used the 10# ball and hit the line most of the time. I managed 15 wallballs the first sprint and had hoped for that for the second round, but only got 10 before my heart rate was too high. I got five rounds of ten and started sitting on the ground between them in order to get my heart rate back down more quickly. I have no idea what happened, but I let my heart rate get down to 152 before starting again and could manage 15 again (even though I desperately wanted to stop at 13 – it would have made too much math stuff). I needed 20 more and had to do them in two sets but I finished in 14.03 which was right in line with the young people who were doing their own stuff.

If I get enough credit for my age, I can keep up with the younger people. Well, if it is something I can kinda, sorta manage anyway.