We had a lovely Easter with the family down in Hilton Head. Frankie missed having all the cousins together and it was tough to be the only kid. She was entertaining. She is the child of health conscious parents and doesn’t get a lot of candy. Her Easter baskets were filled with other things like art supplies and fun clothes as well a fishing rod and a kite. Cool stuff. But each basket also had one bit of candy. She had a PEZ dispenser with a bunny head – or as she called it, a “dessert gun” which shows you something right there.

I knitted an entire washcloth in the car during our trip there and back. I’m getting THAT good at it. It might be time to attempt a more complicated pattern.

My sister managed to figure out how to make a conference call and so all three of us got to talk to each other last night. It was so fun to have us all together like that. Both of them were out walking while I sat here with a bag of potato chips. Just terrible.

I looked at the WOD for today and realized that even though it was written for old farts, there was no way I could accomplish it as written. But I got up for the box anyway and there I was still dark out and way too early raring to go.

We warmed up with a 400 m run and I left before everyone else so I didn’t get back much after everyone else. But I did run the whole thing. We did other stuff and were declared warm.

Today’s WOD as written:
1. Pendlay Row – 5 x 5 – Starting week 3 of the cycle. Strict form and only add weight if you’re able to maintain the horizontal back position and no momentum.
2. Ring Dips – find a weight or a proper scale that will allow you to perform a 6 second negative for at least 5 reps. As a team, everyone perform their negatives every 10 seconds until you cannot hold for the entire 6 second negative (no cheating). Once the entire team fails, rest 3 minutes and repeat until everyone completes 3 max effort attempts.

2014 Master’s Regional

3 rounds for time of:

AGE 40-44 and 45-49
50-calorie row
15 handstand push-ups
50 double-unders
AGE 50-54 and 55-59
40-calorie row
15 handstand push-ups with 2-in. riser
40 double-unders
AGE 60+
30-calorie row
15 handstand push-ups with 4-in. riser
30 double-unders

I stuck with 53# but felt more solid in the Pendlay rows. On the negative ring dips, I lost my balance early in the first round using just the #2 band and was the last one done on the last rows. I tried with just the smallest band and managed to have some control and make one full ring dip, but it was really ugly.

For the WOD itself, DeWayne’s time for this was 23 something which should have told the powers that be that people like me would have trouble with this. The 5 AM class had really long times and so Ryan scaled this even more for us chickens.

Ricky and Kim both did the bigger rows, Todd was given a task of 30 calorie row, 45 second handstand hold, 120 single unders. That was supposed to be my WOD and I’m older than Todd by orders of magnitude. I whined. Gosh – that was a first. I was given 3 RFT of

25-calorie row
30 second handstand hold
100 single unders

So, there was only one thing I could do as written – row. Same as when I began this nonsense 1.5 years ago. I still can’t do a handstand, let alone a handstand push-ups. I can manage one double under. There are times when I think this is all for nothing or simply ridiculous. Then I realize that I couldn’t have done as much as I managed today even if the moves are still modified. I vacillate between being happy with what I’ve managed to do and being disgusted by all the things I still can’t manage.

Ricky had to sub out jump ropes since his foot is still not back to normal. Kim can do double unders.

I beeped a bit in here, but the hardest part was the 30 second handstand hold. The last five seconds each time was almost more than I could manage. The first five seconds of each hold lasted for three minutes I’m sure and then I would be half way done and then those last tortuous five seconds had my whimpering like a wounded puppy. It was pitiful, but I managed to hold the 30 seconds unbroken each time. I finished and have no idea what the time was. But I was done and then no one was counting Kim’s seconds for her handstand hold (she did do push-ups the first round, but petered out after that), so I did. And then she had 30 double unders to do and she finished at 17 something. So maybe I was 15.22 but I don’t really remember my time at all. I was just so freaking glad to be done.