Today is my day off and so I don’t get up and get moving at 5.15 AM because I am a slug. I was up by six and made my trip to the grocery store. I did a load of laundry and got clean sheets on the bed. I began another knitting project. And then it was time for the box.

I got there and finally got to meet Henry. I did not say anything about his programming. He was mentioning that where he is moving, he hasn’t found a box he likes because they are “too competitive” and he just likes coming to the box and suffering together with people. There ya go.

We warmed up, but not a whole lot – very different from Tuesday’s warm-up where we did what certainly looked like a WOD to me.

Today’s WOD as written:
1a) 4 x 6 Deadlift
1b) 4 x 6 Turkish Get Ups
1c) 4 x 6 Pull Ups
1d) 4 x 6 Ring Dips
Choose scaling or weight to make the efforts as hard as possible. This is not timed, just work. It should be hard and you should move quickly but not so much that you cannot complete the reps. Each set is a trip through all movements with a short rest in between each movement (30 sec) and a longer rest in between each set (2 min).

It was quite leisurely and we inched up to a working weight deadlift and then did four sets of six. Henry came over and made sure I wasn’t going to hurt myself very early on when I was just starting with a light bar. Then he came back and mentioned that I might want to adjust my grip since I was holding too much at the end of my fingertips. I tried it and the bar kept slipping, but I could readjust or reset.

I couldn’t remember how to actually do a Turkish get up, I only remembered they were brutal. I was hoping to be able to do a mere ten pounds but even that wasn’t low enough. I used an 8# dumbbell and after three reps I was beeping. I asked if I should lower the reps or lower the weights. Henry said to lower the reps. I switched hands and got five in before beeping. Back to my right hand and it was only four reps and then back to my left and I was at four and beeping again.

I asked about pull-ups. Since I use bands, I needed to go strict. I used the smallest and third smallest together and got 23 out of 24 without kipping and then on the last one of the last set, I ran out of steam and used my hips to boost myself up.

I used just the blue band or third smallest for ring dips. If I could keep the back and forth stuff from happening, it would be much easier. I tried and didn’t quite look like a playground swing but they aren’t perfectly still. I guess that is part of the issue for everyone. The guys were talking about the difference between stable rings and the ones on the ropes and these rope things are much more difficult. That’s good to know. I did the 24, wasn’t dead yet, and dropped to the second smallest band to see if I could managed six that way. I did.

I hurried home because we were renewing our driver’s licenses today. From the urgency displayed by my husband, I thought they were going to expire in the very near future. I knew we moved here ten years ago and that it was due this year. I thought it was ten years from when you got it. I did not realize it was on your birthday of that year. So I’m just a tad early and had quite a bit of time before it actually ran out. Dick did, too. I didn’t realize that until we were already AT the DMV. It took less than five minutes to let the lady know we were renewing our licenses and get numbers and paperwork to fill out.

No pens were around. No clipboards were around. Figure it out. I had a pen in my purse and used my phone as a desk which isn’t that easy because it isn’t that big. But it was what I had. I got the paperwork filled out and waited for a few minutes before my number was called. It was a young woman behind the counter.

Even though I had the paper from the eye doctor saying I’m blind as a bat without glasses, I can see well with my glasses. I was wearing my glasses. But she still made me do the eye test thing. I passed. I WAS wearing my glasses. Dick did not have to do this at his window. I paid and then waited for my picture to be taken. Wonderful.

Lots of teenagers there – it is spring break and they were all thrilled with the entire process. I got my license back and made sure BEFORE leaving the building the information was correct. According to my old license, I’ve lost about 60 pounds now. That is because on the new one they put the right weight. Everything else looked good and so, I’m legal for another ten years. What a relief. I have no idea why this was such an issue six months in advance of his birthday and eight months ahead of mine. We were out the door 25 minutes after we were time stamped in. Not bad for government work.