Yesterday was a pleasant day of doing not much. I made a washcloth in less than 24 hours and it had no mistakes in it. The trick is to pick an easy enough pattern. I tried a different pattern and made a mistake by row four and I wasn’t liking the way it looked with variegated yarn, so I chose to make a pattern I’ve already done but see if I can do it without mistakes. So far, so good.

Two nights in a row of sleeping through the night was all I could hope for so I was awake in middle of the night again, which made it really hard to get up for the box this morning. But it is Monday and so I got up. Not very cheerfully, but that is not required.

I was too lazy to put the top up on the car so I wore a light jacket even though it wasn’t really that cold out there. I left it on for the 200 meter run and immediately was down to shirt sleeves. Other stuff happened and we were declared warm.

Today’s WOD as written:
Break into two smaller groups and perform both movements. Stay together and move quickly so you can get all the work done. Switch as a group and complete the other movement together.
1. Pendlay Row – 7 x 3 – Starting week 2 of the muscle up/pull up/ring dip strength project. Add weight to your previous 5 x 5 sets and keep your form tight. Remember to keep your back horizontal and start every rep by resetting your position with a tight posterior chain.
2. Ring Dips – find a weight or a proper scale that will allow you to perform a 6 second negative for at least 5 reps. As a team, everyone perform their negatives every 10 seconds until you cannot hold for the entire 6 second negative (no cheating). Once the entire team fails, rest 3 minutes and repeat until everyone completes 3 max effort attempts.
AMRAP in 8 minutes of:
1 Parking Lot Sprint
8 Balls

Heavy – carry your slam ball (40/25), sprint to the edge of the sidewalk and perform slam balls.
Light – no ball, sprint to the edge of the sidewalk and perform slam balls (40/25).
Fast – no ball, sprint to the front edge of the sign and perform wall balls (20/14).
Go hard, no pacing. It’s only 8 minutes and the purpose is the see how long you can hang in at your MAXIMUM capacity.

There were not enough of us there to warrant two different groups for the skills. Cindy wanted to begin with the ring dips. I began with the #3 band (I think it is 1.5 inches) and did the first set with that and I was the last one to give up so I figured it was too much band. As we rested, I got the #2 band (1 inch) and used that. Second round I was still the last one going. On the third round I failed at number 7. I didn’t really count, but I think it was 8 or 9 the first round, 7 or 8 on the second and 6 on the last so I had way too many and my sore arms that finally worked again by Sunday evening are shot. Lacrosse ball time – again.

The Pendlay rows were supposed to be heavier but when I added the weight, I had to use my legs to get it off the ground. I tried both 73 and 68 pounds but couldn’t manage to keep it just my lats doing the work so I had to stick at 63#.

The measurements for the runs are all local landmarks and Coach Jason didn’t realize that there were two different markers. But I knew. I look at this stuff. I need the weenie work. I wanted the lesser distance especially since I have to walk it. I did the “Fast” which isn’t all that fast for me but is manageable. However, I chose the Masters level even though there isn’t one and did a 10# med ball, just like in the Open.

I jogged the first run because I felt too weenie not to. I started beeping as I was finishing the wallballs. I got my heart rate back down during my parking lot stroll. On to the next round with the same results. I got to about round 5 before my heart rate did not drop below 160 before starting the wallballs, but I started them anyway. The clock was messed up and I was unable to see how much more hellish work I had to do so I just kept doing and hoping I was going to get a warning.

We did. At 90 seconds, we knew we were winding down so even though my heart rate was over 165, I figured it was almost done and I could get another round in if I worked through. I did. There was something like 20 seconds as I finished round 8 and so I actually ran the parking lot and made it back with two seconds to spare.

My score was 8+1 Fast Masters RX. I just make this stuff up. With my heart monitor beeping consistently, I was working at my MAXIMUM capacity. There was only one round where I paused for less than five seconds before picking up the med ball.

I was glad I had the top down for the ride home. I was almost cooled off as I pulled into the garage. Now, time for work.