I wish I could report that my knitting experience is wonderful and producing great things. It is not. I am producing squares or square-like things. I’m also tearing out rectangles because I’ve made too many mistakes to get it to the square size.

When I crochet, I can find a mistake and correct it. As I’m knitting, I can sometimes identify a mistake before it is too late, but that doesn’t always spell success as I’m not very good at correcting it, even when found. This is an issue for a perfectionist. I’m trying to let this pass as a learning experience, but I’ve totally abandoned one pattern until I get the hang of this a bit better.

Not that the pattern was that difficult. I mean, I did have to count up to ten and all, but I mastered that some time during my CrossFit WODs with rep schemes greater than 9. So I shouldn’t have had a problem. Apparently counting pull-ups is quite different than counting purls.

I have located and printed out a variety of easy knitted washcloths. I have a variety of two different brands of cotton yarn perfect for this task. I don’t remember why I bought them all, but I have lots to practice here.

One would think – incorrectly, I find – that one ball of cotton meant to make a dishcloth would in fact be the right amount of yarn to make a dishcloth. Instead I have lots of yarn left over. I’m cheap. This is hurting my parsimonious soul. What to do?

One of the patterns I found (and could make) was for Granny’s favorite dishcloth or something like that. It is simply knitted on the diagonal and one increases one stitch per row until half done and then decreases one stitch per row until finished. If you want a fancy schmachy dishcloth, you can crochet a single crochet stitch around the edge. Since it is all knitting, it produces a garter stitch pattern which is great for washing dishes since it is a bit nubby.

But I had all this yarn left over. Not enough for another dishcloth, but lots. I decided to make a coaster with the leftovers by using Granny’s pattern – sorta. I do not think a coaster should be nubby because I might spill my coffee if it tipped and there is really nothing worse than spilling coffee – especially if it is the first cup of the day.

So, I opted to use a stockinette stitch instead. I began like the pattern said, knew I was only going to half the number of stitches (which should produce a square one-quarter the size) and off I went. All I had to do was purl every other row. I’m also finding purling to be more difficult than knitting and this would give me some practice with that, as well.

So, my new thing for the day is that even this early in the game, I made up my own knitting pattern. The worst that would happen if I screwed up is that I would have to throw out the garbage. And so I tried it. New and different – and it worked. Well, it is leaning off to one side, but I bet if I blocked it, it would be great.

The picture below proves that I’m not a master at this. The larger squarish thing is supposed to be a dishcloth made with a blackberries pattern and many personalizations (mistakes) included. The smaller thing is a coaster with Granny’s stuff as the basis for the pattern. I did crochet around the edge and I STILL have leftover yarn.