Since I did not work out yesterday, it became necessary for me to work out today. I needed some sort of workout that would not hurt my ouchie and yet give me some movement. I warmed myself up with a 200 or so meter run and I can’t even begin to convey my deep and abiding disdain for running. I have no idea how people do marathons or super-marathons. I don’t even know how anyone does a 5K. I hate running. Probably, this is because I suck at running. But I did it. And then some other stuff.

My WOD for the day was going to be light and easy but I figured it would still take me forever because I’m old and slow. My rep scheme was 21-15-9 and I would do double under substitutes and push-ups even though I am sick of them. I did a 3:1 ratio of single unders for double unders and set my timer.

I was only going to put 15 minutes on the clock but I’ve learned I’m really, really slow so I started with 20 minutes. It was easier to do the math, too. I was jumping rope and got to 64 before I realized I was being an overachiever. I hadn’t started to beep yet so I began the push-ups. I started beeping at 17 but went to 20 and then just laid there until my heart rate came down and I could move on. Then one last push-up and I grabbed the rope and carefully counted out 45 jumps. Then I started the push-ups and began beeping at 5 or 6 and so did eight and rested. I got my heart rate down to 152 and then did the last 7 push-ups, did 27 jumps and started the push-ups again. I was beeping by 2 or 3 but it was only nine to the finish and so I did them.

I had my timer magnetized to the pole of the fan I didn’t need and could see it from the floor. I finished in exactly four minutes. No seconds. I was at 16:00 on the clock. I had no idea I could do anything this fast. It was a miracle.

The 45 push-ups in this workout put me at 398 WOD push-ups this week, but on Tuesday, we had push-ups in the warm-up so I did over 400 push-ups in one week. I would never in my wildest dreams picture such an event. I wouldn’t have thought I could. Right up until I did. A new PR for the week’s work. Did this count as my new and different?

We really do not go out to eat very often. I prefer my own cooking and I’m cheap so there are two strikes against it. I also think it takes less time to just cook and eat at home. But we ate out last Sunday. And on Tuesday. We had take out on Thursday. We ate out for lunch today. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten out this much when I wasn’t on vacation. Is this new?

I got coffee and used my coupon for money off an order of soup at Panera. I got broccoli cheese soup and it was delicious. Dick got a pick two (soup and sandwich) and ice water. My coffee was too hot to drink. The poor man was sitting there with his ice water and waiting for the beeper thing to tell us our lunch was ready when I reached into his glass of water and snagged a couple ice cubes for my coffee.

That was definitely a first. I have never done that before. I needed the ice.

“We don’t know where those hands have been,” he chided.

“Yes we do. They were in your glass of water,” I helpfully explained.

He wasn’t all that amused. Good thing he likes me.