I managed to do nothing different at all on Monday. I was too tired to function let alone do anything different. It is far easier when one is on autopilot to stay in the familiar ruts of a comfortable even if unexciting life. That’s what I did.

That meant that I was behind on my new things, if not behind on my days. The day passed. It was a disappointment but even that, unfortunately, is not new and different.

I really needed a couple new things to try on Tuesday. My life is not very amenable to change. I get up, go to the box, come home and have breakfast, write up a blog post, get ready for work, go to work and do the same stuff I’ve done for four and a half years, come home, have dinner, putz around on the computer, call it a day.

I live in an area with lots of water draining toward the ocean. That means that roads have to have bridges and bridges are expensive to build, so there aren’t a lot of extraneous roads here. My route to work has two options and I’ve used them both and neither is really superior as far as the roads themselves are concerned, but my usual route is quicker. I can’t try a new route to work.

I find shopping to be less than thrilling these days. I have too much crap as it is and trying out a new store loses some luster when buying stuff isn’t fun anyway.

I learned to eat a lot of new things when I did the WLC a few months ago so I’m not really too much into that stuff now.

Yesterday, I tried pistols without holding on to a bar. Even with a sore behind, I managed more than I thought I could and was amazed at myself. So there was one new thing – I guess. I suppose any new move should count since a new flavor of coffee would count (although I believe I have every flavor of coffee available around the world now).

But that only made up for Monday. What about Tuesday?

Mandi and I went shopping for work and I bought a hand truck (with the boss’s credit card) and it is something I never thought I would purchase – but it wasn’t really for me so I don’t know if that could count.

I used glue dots to glue Easter eggs to business cards – again something I really never thought would happen in my life. Does this count? I don’t know. I’m not really sure that is getting me out of my rut. It was just one of those cutesie things one does for work related events and I’ve done those many times.

It took 13 minutes to get from the light on Old Trolley Road to home, a distance of about 2.5 miles. I managed this without swearing under my breath even once. Does that count? I don’t really know. I know it was annoying, but there are no other routes back inside this maze and I was stuck where I was and there was nothing to be done about it and swearing wouldn’t have helped.

Dick was out playing golf at a distant course all day and so we opted to go out to eat. We stopped first at a southwestern grill place and I looked at the menu and it really is not my kind of food. We went back to Granny and Pappy’s to try dinner there. Could that be a first? I’ve been to the restaurant, but not for dinner. I ate way too much fried stuff, but the onion rings were great and worth it. There were two other tables occupied when we got there and the dad and son left for their boy scout meeting about half way through our meal.

Left was a kid, mother, and grandmother set of diners. They were there when we got there and finished before us and the kid wanted pie and her mother was uncertain. I spoke across the distance in the otherwise empty restaurant and said, “They have good pie.” We ended up talking to each other for the rest of the meal.

That is something I have never done before. They were nice, the kid got her pie and learned was a la mode meant as well. We laughed together and it improved the meal. Then we left without me ordering any pie. I was already full and it would have been calories without much payoff. If I’m eating pie, I want to enjoy every morsel (every calorie) and not just have dessert because I’m there.

As I look back, maybe I don’t give myself enough credit for the new and different because most of my new and different is insignificant. Starting a knitting project was really new and different and I have six more rows before I have to figure out how to bind off, which will also be new and different.

I find new websites and learn new stuff. I write histories about things I had no idea even existed before I needed something to write about. I’ve learned to streamline posting routine/scheduled blog articles. I learn this stuff and don’t give myself credit for the newness.

“You learn something new every day.” This adage is more or less true for me.

Then there is the whole whine thing. I’m not even finished with my first cup of coffee for the day and Facebook has irritated me with their new algorithm that is annoying in the whole “new” posts crap. I can no longer just scroll through my stuff and figure out where I went to bed last night because every time someone comments on something, it bumps it to the top. I’ve thought I got all the way to where I left off only to find out days later, when something popped up again, that I had never seen it. So there is that.

But now, when my friends like something, it is in my news feed even if they didn’t share it. This isn’t always a bad thing, but not all my friends are English speakers alone. So I get crap in my news feed in languages I can’t even read. And they are usually large pieces of real estate with pictures and headlines and crap.

So this newness is not to my liking. Sometimes new is like that.

I wonder if that is going to be my only “new” today or if I can find something a little more positive and more in line with me being in control of my life, pitiful as it is.