I did absolutely nothing new yesterday. I can’t even think of a way to pretend like I did something new yesterday. I went to the box, I went to work, I came home, and because I was so dang tired I went to bed before 9 PM. I have no idea why I was so tired, but I was and it just was not a good day for thinking up something new to do. So I didn’t.

At least when the alarm when off this morning, I had enough sleep and I didn’t start the day tired. When I looked at the WOD last night, I immediately knew how to scale it for my current boo-boo. And my age. I always have to scale for my age.

We began the day with lots of mobility work and some of it was helpful and some of it was painful but I don’t know if it was because the stretch was supposed to be like that or because of my sore behind. When it hurt my ouchie, I stopped doing it.

Today’s WOD as written:

Spend 20 minutes working on pistols. Learn the various progressions, scaling and mobility for the pistol if you cannot perform and Rx pistol. Make an attempt for max unbroken pistols (1 minute cap). If any part of your body other than your feet touch the ground, it is a no-rep and you’re done.


5 rounds for time
10 kettlebell swings (53/35)
10 pushups
10 wall balls
200m run

We did stretches and we did this and that and then we did a few practice pistols and one of the scales was a pistol to a box and that I could manage even with my poor balance and my bad butt. When Coach Jason started the timing stuff I was as ready as I could be. I know I’m left footed. I had a 24″ box. I was hoping I could manage more than one. Then I hoped for five. Then I thought maybe I could get ten. I just stopped picking a number and went on until I peaked out at 14. I didn’t even know I could stand on one foot for that long. (Right there is a new! And I didn’t even plan it.)

We then did a warm-up for the WOD beginning with a 400 meter run which was just mean. Perkins was making bacon and the wind was just perfect to blow the smell over to us. Just mean! Then we did other stuff and I was good with it until we got to broad jump down the mat and that is just too jarring right now, so I lunged.

Yesterday I found out that KB swings are hard on the butt and so I was ready with the two ten pound dumbbells and doing push presses. Hand release push-ups again! Great. That means I’m now up to 173 in a few days. As an old coot, I get to use a 10# med ball for the wall balls and this will be 150 inside a week – all with a sore tushie. And I walked the parking lot for a 100 meter stroll each time.

First round, I got all 30 moves done unbroken and wasn’t feeling too bad and realized I hadn’t even turned on my heart monitor so I did that while strolling. I was only at 162. I knew it wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t that way on any of the following rounds, however.

I could just momentarily pause on the second round between moves. And by the third, when I got to the ground for the push-ups, I just rested there until I stopped beeping and got myself ready. I would get up on the tenth push-up and have to wait longer and longer as the rounds progressed, and then start the wall balls. Every single one of them irritated my sore butt and I don’t think I actually broke parallel even once.

My strolls through the parking lot were restorative. And so I could immediately start the next round of push press/KB swings. But on the last round, I was at 167 when I left the building and so walked out and then ran it in. I finished in 15.24 (2 seconds ahead of Kim).

The best news of the day of was that Jeremy is now a dad and Hailey and mother are home and doing fine. Hailey is a week old today – happy birthday!

And because it did seem to help yesterday, I’m sitting here with ice on my fat behind again. Tomorrow is a rest day and today, I have to figure out something new to do. Maybe two new things.