Yesterday we were in Hilton Head and got to play with Frankie. She and I had contests to see who could hang from the monkey bars the longest and she always beat me. She is so strong. She hung on to the count of ten, and then sixteen, and finally twenty-one. Amazingly, I could only manage nine, fifteen, and twenty. That pleased her no end.

I haven’t had to get up early for nearly a week. Last Tuesday was the last time I had to set my alarm. It was really difficult to get out of bed this morning. Somehow, with perseverance and dedicated will power, I managed, but just barely.

I looked at the WOD last night and my back end is still so sore I knew I would have problems. But it is all scalable and we could figure something out. We always do.

Warm-up was a 400 meter run and a 500 meter row and we needed to stagger use of the rowers, so I rowed first and then I was too tired to run so I walked out and ran back. I hate running. Then we did other stuff to warm up our shoulders and I’m also not very fond of doing plank clocks in both directions. Although I must be getting stronger, because I can now at least do them as I dislike them.

Today’s WOD as written:
Baseline Testing-
Make a max effort attempt at muscle ups / pull ups / ring dips (all strict and in order). No more than one attempt at each. This is strictly a baseline test of where you are today. We are starting the next “project” in our strength/skill training focus and that is to see how many PR’s we can accumulate during the cycle. Post your total for each movement. If you use any scaling, make sure you’re not able to do more than ten of any of the movements.
Fire Fighter Michael Kennedy was a Marine Corps veteran and a Crossfit Level I coach at Crossfit Together. His box (gym) has put this workout together as a way to honor his memory. Today we will join them and remember him and all of those who quietly risk their lives so that we can live more safely.
33 BACK SQUATS (225/115)
15 Burpees
33 DEADLIFTS (225/115)
15 burpees
33 KB SWINGS (70/53)
15 burpees

Big Dork Rx – weights as listed above
Fast Dork Rx – BS/DL (135/95) KBS (53/35)
Little Dork Rx – BS/DL (95/65) KBS (35/20)

I knew my scores for the baseline testing were zero, zero, and zero. But then I had to figure out stuff for the assisted moves on the ring dips and pull-ups. Last week I got 13 with just the 2″ band for assist pull-ups. I tried the next two smaller bands together and managed 13 with that, too. I’m not sure if it was more or less help. I tried just the blue band and could only get 4 pull-ups. Then using just a perhaps 1.5″ band (it could be 1.25″) on the ring dips, I got my ten with my arms shaking and being a wimp and all.

Hanging from the bar and doing whatever I could to hoist my fat ass up brought me perhaps a half inch higher. I’m thinking I’m not really going to get a pull-up in four weeks. But maybe I will be closer and it sure can’t hurt.

Then the WOD. Hero WODs are always tough. But I could not do any of the moves because of my pain in the ass.

I knew that squatting with weight was horrible. I can’t clean or push press even the weenie weight and this wasn’t squats from the rack. But it didn’t matter because right now I can’t squat with that much weight. I was amazed by how much one uses one’s butt for a deadlift. I was thinking it was enough legs that I might be able to do just 53# for that. No such luck.

I had to do shallow squats and I had to get Coach Ryan to help me get the bar off my back because I couldn’t squat under it and I didn’t want to drop the empty bar. I thought I could hop a plank in and out for the burpees but I tried one hop and stayed down there and just did push-ups.

We set up paralettes for me to rest the bar on for deadlifts and even that was really hurting my behind. Then more push-ups. I had attempted a 20 pound KB swing and it hurt. I tried a 10 pound one and it nearly flew out of my hands. I had a 15 pound dumbbell there and when I tried one, getting it over my head was no problem. Controlling it on the way back down made me wince. No way could I do 33 of those.

I asked Ryan what I could do and he suggested icing my behind. I said I was talking about the immediate workout and not some recovery type thing. He grabbed me two ten pound dumbbells and I did push presses with them. And then I had the last 15 push-ups. I finished at 11.02

The WOD from Friday was 84 burpees and I substituted push-ups there and only managed 78 before my time ran out. There were another 45 burpees today. Again the substitution. But that means I did 123 push-ups in a couple days. Along with the push presses. I think I know why my arms hurt.

I did come home and use some ice.

And that is why it hurts

And that is why it hurts