We went for a walk in Azalea Park and had a lovely time. It poured this morning and it is supposed to pour again later this afternoon, but there were a few hours’ worth of just cloudy with some sunshine and we took advantage of that and took a walk. The flowers were beautiful but not in full bloom yet.


Next weekend is the Flowertown Festival and there will be thousands of people coming into town before or after the Charleston bridge run. The Cooper River Bridge Run was listed as one of the 14 spring races every runner should try. There are something like 50,000 runners who compete and they and their entourage descend on the area. To take advantage of this influx of people, the YMCA has hosted this Summerville thing for a very long time.


I’m not a big fan of crowds. For those of you have read this blog for a while now, I bet you thought I was going to say running because I’m not fond of that either. When we first moved here, we went to the Flowertown Festival a couple times and that is enough for me. It is chaotic and noisy and messy and crowded with too many people who are all tired and cranky and have even more tired and cranky kids with them. So we aren’t planning on going next week.



Last year, winter was so mild and it was so hot so early, that the flowers had all bloomed and died before the big event. This year, it should be perfect there. Plenty of blooms were still on the bazillion azalea plants in the park. As long as the weather is nice, they should have a great time.



We often go on walks over there and so it couldn’t be counted as new. But I had an idea. Dick said he would like to try Granny and Pappy’s Country Café some time and I said we should stop on our way home and get dessert and a coffee in the middle of the day because – why not. And, that would be my new thing. A new restaurant.


The pie was great and we will probably go back there. The onion rings looked great and there is nothing on the menu over $10. All their pies are homemade (and mine was). There were a few things on the menu that looked good and so going for an actual meal doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

So, I have my new thing all done for the day! No stress involved today.