This has been looming over my head since I read about it on Thursday night. I needed to get past this but it scared me practically witless. My tail bone is really not up to the WOD as written, so I had to modify it and even with that, it was much more work than an old fart like me should do. Frankly, no matter what injury I may have, I wasn’t up to this WOD as written. I think the 84 burpees by themselves would have done me in.

I gave myself a nice little warm-up run of 200 meters – ish. I believe it was a bit more than 200 but I ran some and back and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Simple air squats were a bit ouchy which was probably telling me to not do this workout, but I successfully ignored it. I did other stuff that didn’t hurt.

I worked on more shoulder mobility stuff since I didn’t have the bars and bands to do some better stretching. Whatever it was mostly worked.

Today’s WOD as written:
From CrossFit Open 14.5
MASTERS WOMEN – includes Masters Women 55+
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
45-lb. thrusters

Craig’s intramural WOD had beginners (which would be me) using 25# and starting at 18 rather than 21. They could do squat thrusts and walk over the bar for the burpee stuff. They also had a 15 minute cap.

Since I don’t have the ability to make a 25# weight (my empty bar is 30#) and since I can’t squat right now for either thrusters or burpees, I figured that I should begin at the 21 reps and do my push presses and then I just did push-ups and hoped for the best. I gave myself a 20 minute cap since I was doing 42 more reps, but they were easier reps.

I got to 17 on the push presses and started beeping. I don’t know why I quit with only four more, since I could have managed them at this point. But I stopped and got my heart rate down. Each time I had to pick up the bar, it hurt my behind. Not making that happen more often would have been smart. I was already being dumb.

The garage was already too hot. I didn’t put in my contacts and had my glasses on with them fogging up now and again. I was going to have a rough time here, but there was no other option at this point. I was thinking I should have brought out a fan, but it was too late for such a good idea. See? Dumb! Right from the start.

By the end of 21 push-ups, I was already quite tired and had to break the 18 reps into sets of 6 for both moves. By the 15 reps, I was into sets of 5 for the push press but managed the push-ups in two halves. Then on to 12 and I managed two sets of six for both and then on to the 9 reps with not enough time on the clock. I started too soon and could only manage 3 so I powered through 6 to get to the push-ups. I got them done split up and got the push presses in with 12 seconds left. I tried to power through six push-ups, but could only manage 3 before that blessed buzzer went off on my timer. I had a score of 159. I know I could have finished the last nine moves if I hadn’t capped the time. I would never have been able to do this as written.

Somehow I managed to do some on all of the CrossFit Open WODs and even did one as Masters Women RX. I’m glad this is over and I hope my tail bone heals soon because I’m pretty tired of having a pain in the ass instead of just being one.