I think part of the 100 Days of Different is getting out of my comfort zone. But my comfort zone envelops me and so it is difficult to leave it. Therefore, I have a problem. Not that I need to contact Houston or anything, it isn’t that much of a problem, but I’m going to have trouble finding 100 new things inside my house and I don’t get out much.

I’ve stressed about this most of the day. I finally decided I would find a new recipe for dinner tonight and that would be my something new. I found a new recipe and printed it out.

Then I started straightening up my office and I found an almost complete crochet project. Usually, anything I crochet is flat – scarves, shawls, afghans, bigger afghans, etc. I even crocheted the valences in my office. They are woven across a small curtain rod, so they hang in three dimensions, but they were crocheted flat.

However, I began a project some time ago that is three dimensions just because it is. But I hadn’t finished it. It has been sitting there and waiting patiently but nothing else has happened. It did not finish itself even though plenty of time was allowed for this to happen. And so, I finished it. It is the first time I’ve completed this type of project and now it is done and ready for use. So that was a first and something new.

That meant I could proceed with my dinner plans as I had envisioned them a couple days ago. I’ve been waiting to use the leftover roast beef to make Chinese type stuff over rice for Dick and quinoa for me. I would have done something different, but I proclaimed that finishing my crochet project was my new thing for the day. I can’t tell you how often a craft project gets started and never gets finished. I’m really great at not finishing them.

After dinner I went back to knitting my washcloth and lo and behold – another first. I had to learn how to unknit because I found out I had made an error in the pattern before too many stitches. I have no idea how many other errors went unfound, but I suspect they are legion.

Cheri’s first project was a baby blanket for Quinn. No one would even notice a mistake since there would be a cute baby involved. I’m not going to have any such luck. I just hope I can finish the thing before I give up in frustration and just start over. I need to remember that it is a washcloth and all the imperfections are completely unimportant.

On the CrossFit front, I’m still sore from yesterday’s 100 wallballs. Trying to do laundry today was a problem when I went to pick up full laundry baskets. I can squat without any problem, but lifting weight or squatting with it doesn’t quite work.

Today’s workout was CrossFit Open 14.5 which consists of 84 thrusters and 84 over the bar burpees in a descending rep scheme. Even lightening the weight was going to hurt my behind after my fall last week. The 84 burpees were daunting without jumping over the bar. It was hurting to get in and out of the little car again today. But in the middle of the night, when I was awake for a few minutes, I figured out what I would do.

I would do push presses and push-ups. Not quite the same, but no squatting over and over and over. It is something. But I also decided not to do this until Saturday to give myself a day off in between and hopefully not have such a achy butt before I even started.

Craig had his scaled and beginner intramural teams beginning at the 18 mark for both moves and a 15 minute cap. I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do. The beginners weight is 25# and I have a 30# bar here at home. Of course, they are doing thrusters and I’m not squatting. They can do squat thrusts and step over the bar and I’m tempted by that move, but I think that is going to aggravate my bruised tail bone.

I may still start at the 21 reps and do my two modified moves. But knowing how my heart rate goes, I may give myself a 20 minute cap in there, as well. It is so tempting to knock those back to just 63 of each move, but if I don’t do the larger number at the beginning, I know I will not do them at the end. So, it is better to start at 21 and have to not finish the last couple rounds.

So I have a plan for tomorrow, but it doesn’t really have anything new or different. Yet.

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