I did not go to the box yesterday. I was recovering from two days of shoulders and arms and I don’t know what they did at the box, but getting dressed was difficult enough. I needed a rest day and I took it. I also started doing something new.

Today I did something new and different and I was sure it was going to be a big deal and it wasn’t. I went to the noon class for CrossFit. I went shopping with dirty hair and just too bad for them. No one kicked me out of the store or anything so that part worked.

I got the groceries put away and had something to eat and had to wait for time to go to the gym. That’s not a good thing. I can talk myself out of stuff really easily and this was scaring me. I didn’t want to have to go and explain to a new coach what I was incapable of doing. I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front a bunch of strangers. My peeps at 6 AM know me, my foibles, my weaknesses, and my age-related limits. It is really difficult to have to show all that stuff to a bunch of different people.

I was watching the clock like a hawk because often time gets away from me and I didn’t want to actually miss this opportunity to do something new – mostly because then I would have to come up with something else new to do today. I left the house a little early just because I figured the traffic would be worse at this time of day. It was, but not that much so I got there early. I was the only person there. I saw Kim’s car in the parking lot so that worry was abated.

Then a few more people showed up and we had a class size of four. Yesterday there were about a dozen people at the noon class. I was happier with just four. My back end is still battered from falling on the cement but not as bad as it was. I could lunge without problem. I could air squat without pain. Then we got to rolling around on the floor and that didn’t look good. I did something else. We were warm.

Today’s WOD as written:
Snatch (top pull only)
Spend 20 minutes working on the top pull progression of the snatch. Starting with and empty barbell and not moving on until your coach has approved. Find your weak point and work on it. Whether it is a mobility issue or a form fault, you must stay and work on your faults. If you have been approved, you can start to add weight but do not go beyond the top pull then find a 3RM from the top pull.
400m run
25 wall balls (20/14)
Carry your medicine ball with you during the run
5 burpee penalty every time the ball stops Rx’ing (walking, drops or not going unbroken in the wall ball)
Fast- (only if you cannot Rx wall balls)
5 burpee penalty every time the ball stops moving (drops or not going unbroken in the wall ball)

I really struggle with this move. We were supposed to just practice with an empty bar but that’s my working weight. I used a PVC pipe and did the reps of warming up or practice moves. It all seemed okay. Then we were supposed to take the empty bar and do some overhead squats. I figured I really can do them with a 33# bar and I only had a 22# bar and yet, a full squat really hurt my ass. I only did five and I wasn’t very happy with myself.

I practiced with just the 22# bar and worked from the high hang and only did power snatches because hurting myself didn’t seem like the best use of my time. This move always feels so awkward and so rife with potential harm from dropping the dang bar on my head. I need to improve strength so I have improved confidence because right now throwing the bar up over my head just freaks me out. I did it with the light bar, but man, this move is scary.

Then the WOD. For the heavy, once the time started, the athlete could not set the ball down until completely finished with the WOD. There was no walking during the run, but the athlete could rest before starting the wallballs. They had to be done unbroken.

For the fast, the runs were done without the ball and the athlete could rest upon returning to the box before picking up the med ball, but once started, the wallballs had to be done unbroken.

And for the old fart, I used a 10# med ball since that is master’s stuff anyway (and I couldn’t have done a 14# one). I mentioned that I could walk the whole thing but it would take forever. I couldn’t run and do wallballs without so much resting that it would take forever. What I proposed and what was accepted was that I would do a 200 meter walk and then the 25 wallballs.

I don’t think I did enough math before starting because somewhere around the 45-50 count on the wallballs, I noticed my poor battered behind was not liking this at all. But I was already committed and I am not a quitter no matter what time the class is, but especially in front of a bunch of strangers. So I was only half done but determined to finish.

My heart rate was fine on the first walk and I did all the wallballs as 13 and then 12. On the second walk, I was about 60 meters out before I finally stopped beeping. On the third walk, I was about 80 meters out before I stopped beeping. On the last one, I was about 120 meters into the walk before I finally calmed down.

By 13 wallballs I was beeping and I would try to get back to mid 160s before doing the last 12. I never saw a heart rate above 180. I was on the last set. Trevor, wearing all clothes that had fire department stuff on them, was done when I paused after 13 and he encouraged me to just finish. I said my heart rate was too high and he asked how high. I looked at my monitor and said, “174” and he said, “Oh, rest a bit.” I got done in 18.22.

It was new and different and scary but I didn’t embarrass myself and it was nice to try a different class. And as a bonus, I could still get into my little car after 100 wallballs so I put the top down on the go-kart and headed home.