Yesterday I decided I was going to the box today so I went to the box today. Since I hadn’t slept the night before, I was dog tired last evening and went to bed shortly after nine o’clock. When the alarm went off this morning I was sleeping so soundly I just wanted to roll over and forget about the gym. But I didn’t. I got my fat (and still sore) behind out of bed and got ready for a fun day of more arms and shoulders.

The 5 AM class was rather sparse. There were maybe six or seven people there. For 6 AM there was just Ricky and me. I bet he is glad I switched my days this week. I have always hated being the only person there. I have no idea what happened to Todd or Cindy.

We warmed up and the first thing was a row since it was raining and cold out there this morning. I wasn’t sure my sore behind would be able to tolerate the hard plastic seat and the back and forth stuff but amazingly, it didn’t hurt at all. HA! I was getting better. Then lunge down the mat doing passthroughs. Damn. That really hurt my behind. I’m not really sure exactly which movements are going to catch the part that is hurt. I know getting in and out of the low car is an issue. Not insurmountable, but still ouchy. Apparently, so are lunges.

But we got warm and then on to the WOD.

Today’s WOD as written:
Spend 30 minutes working on strict pull ups. If you have a strict pull up, warm up thoroughly and make no more than two max effort attempts using the strictest, bestest form you have. If you do not have strict pull ups, find the correct scale or progression that permits you to complete at least 10 but no more than 16 pull ups.
Bear Hunting
For 12 minutes:
Traverse the length of the mat in a bear crawl position back and forth (must start with hands and feet off the mat and must crawl until hands and feet are off the other side).
30 seconds work / 1 minute rest
Post the total number of complete lengths covered and number of complete mats crossed lengthwise (hands AND feet)
for example: 5 + 5 means 5 complete trips plus 5 mats crossed.

I had watched the video included on the website but Ricky hadn’t and so we watched it again. And I still didn’t understand everything Kelly was saying. I understand the need for proper body mechanics but when he talking about stuff, I don’t really translate the words into body movements even when he is pointing. It simply isn’t always clear enough. Coach Kim explained the whole rib cage thing and I understood.

So I began with some stretches for my arms, shoulders, and lats. That loosened stuff up a bit and then I did my negative pull-ups and most weren’t too bad, but they weren’t as solid as yesterday when I still had functional arms. The one where I dropped like a stone was just a no rep and a do over and the rest were okay but not as slow as I would like.

I tried hanging from the bar and pulling up and I might have maybe possibly moved a half-inch. Or maybe a quarter-inch. I have a ways to go before I get that pull-up.

I eventually got to using just a green band and doing strict pull-ups with my hollow body rib cage tucked in and my chin in a neutral position, I got six and pooped out. That was just not right. I waited and regrouped and managed (with whining noises) 13 strict band assisted pull-ups. As we were winding down, I tried one more time and couldn’t even get to ten again. But I only had to do it once.

Then the damn bear crawls. I didn’t even have my heart monitor on because it was 30 seconds of work and I frankly didn’t care. I had a minute to rest and get my heart rate back down then. I wasn’t pausing during 30 seconds of work and I didn’t care how high it was. I am very slow at these. I asked Ricky if he could get double my distance. Because, you know, challenge stuff.

I barely made 1.5 mat lengths in the earlier rounds. But it was harder and harder and slower going and I ended with a score of 8+4 while Ricky had 20+5. He did it. I’m lucky I did bear crawls at all, so I’m happy with me. I was awake, I was there, I never quit. I did turn my monitor on after about 8 minutes because I wanted to know if I was going over. I never did. I was just tired and weak and old.

I got home and made my yogurt and fruit stuff and went to put my precooked bacon into the microwave to heat up and I could barely get my arm high enough to open the door. What a jock. I really need tomorrow as a rest day. I think I will take it.


Do not cross your feet.