I have no idea why I have been so tired these last few days, but I have. I know that my diet has not been as clean as usual and that may be part of it. I’ve had too much pasta and too much cheese and too much not really good for me food like cookies and a cream puff and God alone knows what else. But I’ve been really tired. The place to start is probably with cleaning up that food stuff.

I got home from work yesterday and there at the corner in front of our house was a wreck. No one was injured and the only person I saw standing near the white car was the blind woman who walks with her guide dog. I did not see the dog. I finally saw the driver of the car and she had been a passenger. I felt a bit better.

Ricardo tried to bring me over more weights and I kept telling him I was fine with what I had. If he wanted to get rid of weights, he should have told me before I bought my own, not after. I think I might have convinced him. Maybe. Probably not.

Today’s warm-up started with a stretch on the wall and then we were going to play a game. It was sorta a Zumba thing. This did not please the USMC alumni in our class. Coach Jason put on the Minion’s Happy Song or whatever that is and we had to jog in place and clap our hands and every time they sang “happy” we did a burpee and then during some chorusy type interlude, we did push press with a PVC pipe for every “happy” which were strung together like machine gun blasts. It was sorta fun and better than running.

We did other stuff and were declared warm. The lunges are still hard on my right knee but nothing else was an issue.

Today’s WOD as written:
3×5 back squat
overhead squat(65/45)rx

There were six of us and so we didn’t have to share racks for the back squats. I started with a bar and then added 20 and then 20 more for a total of 73#. I focused on keeping my knee stable during the squats and still felt my legs wobble, especially on number four or five. But I did manage my reps with that weight and my knee doesn’t feel bad.

Even during the Despicable Me song, I was doing squat thrusts instead of real burpees, but I could manage them without walking them in or out and it wasn’t hurting my knee. So my plan would be to keep with that for the WOD.

This was supposed to be a sprint and so the weight was purposely low. I asked for an opinion on what I should use and Coach said we should all go with a weight that let us do at least 15 unbroken overhead squats. I chose the 22# bar and did manage 14 unbroken but on the fifteenth one, I couldn’t hold the bar overhead and get back up. So I guess I was just at the edge of where I needed to be. There is no lower weight so this was my choice. I made it work.

The goal was to finish in under six minutes. But that wasn’t the Masters’ goal. As long as we were done under ten minutes, we sprinted. I had to keep waiting for my heart rate to get back down but I managed to get finished in 9.31. The hardest part was the 15 overhead squats.

Coach explained the concept of the three levels of effort with the 1 RM, sprint, and marathon flows of energy. I asked about being old and having my heart rate too high and he said since that keeps happening I’m more like a series of 1 RM times because I get to my 100% effort when I start beeping. The goal for me is to get my heart rate back down quicker and that has happened over time. So maybe it isn’t my imagination and I really am getting better at this crap.