Back to my regularly scheduled annoying CrossFit posts. With all the bad weather out there, we have been having issues here in the South. Wednesday I had no intention of showing up as it was my day off. I may need to rethink this whole schedule because it is causing me problems, but that’s the way it stood. It was horrible out there at 6 AM and I was glad to not be out in it.

Thursday, the box closed for the 5 and 6 AM classes. I don’t usually wake up in the middle of the night to go anyway, but open gym at 9 AM had been cancelled for a week and I wasn’t sure if it was really open on Thursday and so I blew it off. Besides, the WOD contained 45 burpees and I swear that is what did my knee in and it isn’t completely better even now. So I stayed away.

With two days off in a row, I was itching to get back at it this morning. My knee is mostly better. It was a beautiful clear crisp morning. Okay, it was a cold morning but the full moon was out in a clear sky and it was gorgeous out there right up until I had to run in it. Every step with my right leg was a ping, ping, ping. It wasn’t really bad, but it wasn’t good. Pain is supposed to make you stop doing what is hurting. I walked part way. But ran most of it. I have no idea why I think I’m smart when I do dumb shit like this.

Ryan complex down the mat didn’t work when my right knee was supposed to be touching the mat, but caused no problems when my left knee was down. I’m not really sure what is going on, but it isn’t quite right and pushing things that make it hurt seems dumber than I need to be. So I didn’t take my knee all the way to the mat on the right.

We were eventually proclaimed warm and got on to the WOD.

Today’s WOD as written:
20 min est max clean
in teams of 2.  1 works other rests
7 Rounds

Row 300m
6 Hang Power Snatch(med weight)
*there is built in rest so make sure and pull that rower. They should be max effort

When I looked at this last night, it sent shivers down my spine. I haven’t squatted with any weight in weeks because my knee doesn’t like it. But I’m squatting okay right now. So my concern was do I push it and squat with weight? It was a clean and I know I can back squat with 93# and front squat with 83#. My clean max was 52# but the squatting part can carry a heavier load. It’s the pulling it from the ground and falling under it that is the tough part.

So I started with just a 22# bar and it was no problem at all. I added ten pounds and had no problem so I added ten more and had no problem so I went to my previous PR and could manage it without any knee issues. I added five more pounds and pulled the weight, fell under it, didn’t keep my elbows up as well as I should have, but managed to get back up from a full squat. Coach Kim said it could have been prettier but I managed to pull it off. I need to keep my elbows higher. So I said, “Yeah, but watch this” and went over and rang the PR bell. I didn’t write it on the board because it is embarrassing to have such a low bitty weight be a PR for all the jocks to snicker at, but I not only got a new one, I did it without hurting my bad knee. I practiced several more times but didn’t add weight. I wasn’t in the mood to push my luck. I did get my elbows to stay higher and it is easier when you do it right.

Carma wasn’t there. Jeremy and Ricky were one team and poor Maribel got stuck with me. We split the work with one person rowing, the other doing knee to elbow, the first did the snatch, the second person would then row, the first person did knee to elbow, and then the second person would snatch. It wasn’t much rest between the row and the snatch and damn near killed me. My heart rate would be too high by the end of the row and I was so tired by the snatch that I was lucky I didn’t clunk myself in the head. I used a 32# bar and Maribel used a 55# bar. I’m such a weenie. We finished in 14.47.

I think that about one third of my knees to elbows were really to my elbows and the rest were as high as I could manage but were rather lackluster. I was making noise by the sixth snatch each time and was grateful that Maribel went first and had the extra set of those.

The guys started with person A rowing and then person B did the knees to elbows and the snatches and then rowed and then person A did the knees to elbows and snatches and then rowed. It was still doing everything one person and then the other, but the first and last round were a little different. They finished in 13.23 or thereabouts, so we were not too far behind them.

The schools were closed again today. I think it was because we still have areas without power and a school full of kids and no electricity wouldn’t be very fun for anybody. But it did make the drive back home nice without all the school traffic.

So here I sit with ice on my knee just in case.