How does one raise awareness over the 100% threshold?

Over in another venue there was a discussion about a woman posting pictures of her post-op scars from a transflap procedure. I’ve done these – well, not personally, but I was the nurse in the room or scrubbed in on the case. The surgeon was the actual person doing this stuff, but I’ve been there as a participant but not a patient. They are quite extensive procedures.

Putting the pictures out there means you might bump up against some sensibilities. I’m not sure if the sensibilities one encounters is the lack of joy in seeing a bunch of rather fresh scars or the idea that we really don’t have to broadcast every damn thing that happens, with pictures included.

What I do know for sure is that if you do something outside the mainstream you can’t really expect the entire stream to approve of your stepping past the boundaries. Whether this is good or bad is probably its own debate.

Anyway, the pictures have been going around and someone (not me, honest, I wasn’t brave enough) said that posting mostly naked pictures to show off your scars does, in fact, go beyond what we really need to know and is right smack dab in the middle of the Too Much Information spot.

Then, a nice person came to the model’s defense and said it was done to “raise awareness” and she was being brave.

So, here on the internet where we have all sorts of resources available, exactly how many people were actually unaware of cancer? How many people were unaware of breast cancer in particular? Here in the US we have an entire month that goes all pink with every product sold with a pink ribbon and national attention and every other dang thing. What moron was unaware of cancer and will only learn about it when confronted with many scars?

I have many friends who have kids on the spectrum. See that? Right there? All I said was “on the spectrum” and y’all know what I’m talking about. As of this moment, in the industrialized world, there are about 1 in 88 people diagnosed with autism. There are more boys than girls diagnosed and so for a boy, it is about 1 in 54. That means that 1.13% of kids today will be diagnosed, except that number keeps going up and so will be higher.

Who is literate and old enough to be on the internet and doesn’t know about this? And yet there are all sorts of campaigns to raise awareness. We are all aware. Really. We don’t need awareness. What we need is a cure or preventative modality to stop this.

What is going on that has created this huge spike in autism diagnosis. I’m going with some over-diagnosing as part of the cause. But that’s not the only reason. We are doing something.

I’m going to bet that it isn’t vaccines. I’m going to guess it has something to do with sonograms. People in third world or undeveloped countries do not have this problem. What are we doing here that they aren’t doing there? Well, our food supply is FUBAR, but that is the same for all of us. If it were the food supply, that percentage would be much, much higher.

What else we do is have sonograms. Lots and lots of sonograms. Everything else in the entire world has unintended side effects. I’m going to guess that sonograms do as well. I would posit and would like to see a study that shows when expectant mothers had sonograms. What gestational age was the fetus? There seems to be some genetic makeup as well. So the test would be when were diagnosed and non-diagnosed siblings bombarded by sound waves. Measure that against non-siblings and see if there is a particular gestational age that is the problem.

Smacking these small people in the head with a booming sound wave to get an image could lead to some neurological issues. I’ve never heard of a study like this being done. No one wants to not get to see their baby before it is born and what would happen if the big “gender reveal” had to take place in the delivery room. Can you imagine the horror?

But I don’t think that sonograms are bad always. I believe there is probably a window of gestational age time that is dangerous and we need to stop doing these unnecessary tests until after that window has closed. We could cut them out altogether, but I know expectant mommies can’t really be expected to wait.

But whatever else is going on out there, trust me – we are all aware of the spectrum, of cancer, and of way too much personal information.