In the continuing saga of not being able to post a workout to Facebook, still no post. But I do have a new phone that has a solid port so I can charge it up again and again. That’s a good thing. They just don’t work well without power. I suppose if there was a way to directly charge the battery, I could have managed that. But there isn’t and so I have a new phone.

However, it took two and a half hours to try a bazillion password possibilities, reset our account password, get a new phone for me, one for Dick, not buy a tablet, change our billing subscription and get all the paperwork printed and together with the correct phone so that they are essentially free. All we need to do is send in the rebate crap and they send us a prepaid Visa card and the last one I had didn’t work and we got that one fixed, too. But it was out of date so I didn’t get all the money back, but I got some.

By the time I got home I was just in time to go to bed to get up in the middle of the night to get to the box this morning. I did have time to peek at the WOD and figured it was all scalable and whatnot and just got set up for heading out in the dark, cold morning.

When I awoke, my phone was charged and I could get enough stuff to know what the temperature was out there. It was the warmest it is going to be all day. Last night’s weather prediction said colder and raining. It only barely started misting by the end of today’s class so we are a little behind.

Warm-up was rowing even though there was no rain and it didn’t hurt my knee. Ryan complex down the mat was possible with lunges for both legs working, but it wasn’t the nicest thing I have ever done. Other stuff was working out okay.

Today’s WOD as written:
5 sets of 45 seconds work/ 45 seconds rest
Max rep Power Clean and OH (Anyway possible 135/95)
5 RFT:
10 C2B
15 Wall Ball Shots
20 Double Unders

I could do that weight as a deadlift, but throwing it overhead wasn’t going to work for me. I couldn’t even clean that much. So I mentioned that yesterday I had to scale back from 42# to 33# and should I try heavier or go with repetitions. We opted for just the bar and I used 33#. I did manage 7 cleans to overheads in each 45 second round but I was whiny by the end. I was beeping a lot and would barely stop when it was time to start working again.

We did some shoulder mobility before the WOD and then got to work.

I used a green band for the chest to bar and a ten pound med ball for the wallballs. If we couldn’t do double unders, and I can’t, do pretend ones or something like that. I tried that on the first round and jumping hurt my knee. Ricky has damaged his feet and can’t jump rope. He was doing a parking lot sprint. I decided to follow out there and do those but I did a stroll and could barely get my heart rate back down by the time in got back inside for the next round.

I had to split the wallballs into two sets of varying numbers each time. The chest to bar things were just ugly. I almost fell out of the band at one point when I did something odd that made me lose control of everything. I have no idea how I didn’t hurt myself, but it must have been my cat-like reflexes kicking in or something.

I finished my fourth round in 14:14 and opted to not do a fifth. I was spent and had been trying to decide whether or not to puke on my last parking lot stroll. I figured if I pushed the last round, I would choose different in the parking lot and who wants to do that.

I made it through this and that’s good enough for me.