In the continuing saga of the new phone mishap stuff …

Last night after spending the entire evening buying our new phones, we got home and had to charge them. Dick got all his stuff out of the box after I did. I was trying to see how to get it charged up when he walked over with more pieces than I had. We have the exact same phone but in different colors. I was missing the cord itself. I had the part that plugs into the outlet and I had earbuds. I had no cord. I searched the box unsuccessfully.

I called up right away and spoke with Todd, our salesman, and he said he would put a cord in a bag with my name on it and I could pick it up on my way into work the next morning. I did not want to go back out last night to get the cord even though they would have stayed open for me. I could use my old cord that was slightly disheveled but functional to charge the new phone.

I was too tired last night to really get the thing set up. In order to connect to our home network, we have to have the WEP key because what I thought I had placed as a password doesn’t work as a password. The only thing I know to do is get in there and get that 496 digit/capital letter combination thing perfectly typed in so I can have access. I will be much more careful next time I buy a new router and really make sure I have the right password.

We got that done this morning and now we had free data stuff here at home. Then I asked Dick to call me from his phone. He needed a password to make a call which is just stupid. So I tried to call Dick from my phone and it asked me for a password. Each of us was putting in the password we thought was ours and the new one we made up last night. No matter what we did, we couldn’t call out.

So, I picked up the landline and called Dick to see if we could get a call in. My phone rang. It was then we figured out what was wrong. I tried calling myself and Dick’s phone rang. So it was all backwards. It was at that point that the lights in the house started flickering. They blinked a few times and then settled down. The toaster oven lost its clock, but the oven and microwave still had the time. Then it flickered some more. Great. Just one more thing.

Dick was going to take the papers to the accountant who does our taxes. I was going to stop at Verizon to get a cord and now I had to see what we needed to do about the wrong phones. Barb was supposed to call today with a Ruth update and he didn’t want to miss the call so he took my phone which was his phone number and I had his phone which was my phone number and we left the house while the garage door was still working.

By the time we got out by the school, that street light wasn’t working. The one at the big intersection wasn’t working either, but there was already a cop there directing traffic. The one on our side of Walmart was also out. On the other side of Walmart, there was a functional light. I had noticed earlier Dick was following me instead of going in the opposite direction where the accountant is. But then I lost him in traffic.

I pulled into Verizon and he pulled in and parked next to me. He said all his phone numbers were in the phone I had and if it was easy, he wanted them switched now. So we walked in there cleverly disguised as dissatisfied customers.

The guy tried to give me so old mangy cord pulled from a drawer. I asked if it was a new cord since my phone was a new phone. We finally found the bag Todd had put aside for me and it had a new cord in it. One problem solved.

Then the new guy who has no name that I know of switched something on the inside of the phone and now my phone was my pictures, contacts, and phone number. Then the new guy tried to sell us insurance again because … I don’t know why but we didn’t buy that. We did each get a cover for the phone because we noted that Samsung makes them nice and slippery so you have a better chance of dropping them.

I left for work and Dick paid for our new purchases.

I followed several large 4 x 4 all wheel drive off road trucks going 38 on a 45 mph street because it was sprinkling out there and these people can’t drive. All that power and testosterone and it is too difficult to drive on asphalt. By the time I got to work I had already had about enough frustration for the whole day.

One of the messages awaiting me was to call a client and switch an appointment. This was going to be fun because the client lives right around the corner from us and I could find out if the power was back on. The client had not lost power at all. In the afternoon, another client who lives just down the street in another Wescott neighborhood came in. This client did not lose power either.

I got home from work and the garage door opened so I knew we had power now, too. Dick said there had been an accident out on the big road and that was our problem. Jerry didn’t lose power, Bob didn’t know if he lost power or not. Even if you slept through it, wouldn’t all the clocks be blinking? Anyway, it’s all working now.

I’ve been able to get Facebook and a couple of my regularly used apps on the phone. Things are looking up.