I had a day off from work and the box yesterday and I really did appreciate it. I had stuff to do around here and a day off from everything made that better. Dick got home from Florida and it was a nice day all around.

I had a massage and my knee is more than just my knee. Because I have been walking “funny” I have been putting torque and stress on muscles in odd ways. This has made everything a bit wonky. I think that is the medical term. My IT band was horrific and the rest of my leg was just bad. We worked and I tried not to whine about it. But when it was time to go, I could get my jeans back on without wincing. Wonderful.

I looked last night and it was partner WOD day and it seemed possible if scaled properly and so I set my alarm and was ready for another fun day at CrossFit Summerville.

Got to the box and hoped for the best. Warm-up was a simple 200 meter run and with every step I felt a ping, ping, ping in my knee. That meant the WOD was just going to suck. Other stuff happened and then we got to bear crawl and that wasn’t going to work. Coach Jason asked if I had been to a doctor yet and I said the only tool they had was an arthroscopy and I didn’t want one of those, so no. He mentioned a chiropractor who could tell me to stop coming to CrossFit, but I hadn’t really considered that, either. 

Today’s WOD as written:
10 min to establish 1RM snatch
With a partner:
Accumulate 100 Box Jumps- Games Standard (30″)
One person does box jumps while the other person does:
2 Rounds of:
5 Hang Power Cleans (155/105)
10 Pull-ups
*When you have completed the 2 rounds, you switch
**When you complete the 100 box jumps the wod is over.  Keep track of the time and the number of rounds you did!!**

When I looked at this last night, I knew I couldn’t do a snatch, but I could manage a power snatch. I can get to parallel on a squat now, but I can’t ass to grass at all and with weight – it would have just been awful. So I opted for power snatch and that was what I worked on. I looked and I had nothing written for a previous PR so I figured anything after the PVC was golden.

I used the 22# bar and made it. Ricky told me to get some weights on my weight. I did. I made it with 27# and then with 32#. Quinn was working next to me and powering up lots of weight. He also managed to miss a lift without hurting himself. He was resting and I wanted to know how to do something without killing myself and went over and asked how to not knock my brains out when I missed the next weight.

He told me and then watched to make sure the old lady didn’t kill herself. I did a 37# power snatch and he said I actually cleared it and I could count it as a rep. Way to go, old fart!

That 30″ box thing irked me. There are two weights, why not two heights? Men are statistically on average taller than women. A 30″ box for a 72″ tall man is not quite the same ratio as a 30″ box for a 66″ tall old woman. And at the Games, they always have a Masters division with different rules. So an old 66″ tall woman would have been cut some slack. The weight would have been lower for cleans, too. But since I could do none of it, I don’t know why I got so upset with the damn thing anyway. But I do. I always feel like a complete failure because I can never achieve what is written down in black and white. I hate that. I try so hard and yet I never get where I’m supposed to be going. 

Carma and I were partners. She has taken up running and ruined her legs, too. She has sore legs and a bad foot and is a mess overall. She couldn’t do box jumps either. I was getting out a 20″ box for us and she said she couldn’t do that. We got the lower box and then I asked if we could add some plates to it and she said we could try. So I stacked two 25# plates on it and she said she might have to take one off, but she would see how it went.

I started with the power cleans (we were using a 42# bar) and pull-ups (band assisted). She got 45 step ups done while I did my two rounds. Then we switched. She kept doing cleans and I finally yelled over, it was only 5 reps and she obviously thought it was 10. She was ending up her pull-ups when I finished the step-ups. I had a heart rate too high quite a bit of the time but I didn’t want to stop until 170. I had to pause a bit once, but at the end, I just wanted to finish and stopped looking, since I wasn’t feeling like I might pass out or anything. We were done in 5.58. We were also the first ones done. Of course, everyone else did real box jumps and we would have been going much longer if that was the case for us. But for two injured old farts, we didn’t do too bad.