I have no idea what was so exciting between one and two-thirty this morning, but my brain was all aflutter and simply would not allow me to sleep. When the alarm went off, I should have had an adequate amount of sleep, but I hadn’t because of all that nonsense in the middle of the night. I hate when that happens.

I looked last night at it was supposed to be 56⁰ this morning. I had appropriate clothing laid out for that temperature. I struggled to get dressed because I really wanted to be asleep instead. I ate the last banana in the house. I looked at my phone and it was 62 and foggy. I looked out the door and I couldn’t tell you the temperature, but I could see it was very foggy, blind type of fog, the fog where you can’t see across the street.

So I got in the car and drove to the box. The fog seemed to be getting much worse and then I realized I needed to use the windshield wipers. That helped. Duh. I really need more sleep at night to function early in the morning. But I got to the box safely.

Coach Ryan seemed genuinely glad to see me. He asked about my knee and I explained how I was doing with it. The 5 AM class was not going to be finished by 6 AM and a few people had to leave anyway. To get us out of the way, we were given the task of an 800 meter run. That is a half mile for those of you not metric oriented.

I ran the 400 meters, sorta. My knee was pinging a bit and I walked part of it. It was hot out there and I had too many clothes on. I got back to the box, took off the sweatshirt and went back out for another run, this time to the 200 meter turnaround spot. I met Ricky and Jeremy in the parking lot and I met Carma at the turnaround spot. We ran back together. So I did 600 meters.

Next up was lunge down the mat and I could with my left knee to the mat, but not with my right knee all the way down to the mat. We next inchwormed the mat and this was especially difficult, not because of the move but because it has been cold and the floor had been freezing and now it is warm and the humidity is high and the clouds are touching the ground and the entire floor was slick with moisture.

We were then to do a plank clock, both directions and I got about ten hours done and realized if I didn’t get to the bathroom soon, I would just have a horrible mess. So I went to the bathroom. Ryan was concerned when I came out that something had happened to my knee. Nope, my knee was fine. Dislocates and passthroughs followed and then some overhead squats and I could manage those. I think I’m squatting to or slightly breaking parallel, but without weight only.

Today’s WOD as written:
5,5,3,3,1 overhead squats
2 x AMRAP 7 minutes rest 3 minutesComplete
2 Thrusters (95/65)
2 Pull ups
2 Box jumps
then 4,4,4
then 6,6,6
then 8,8,8 …
Start back at 2 for round 2

I really wasn’t going to be able to do overhead squats. I did push presses. Ryan had mentioned that he found my blog and noticed I had a great antipathy toward Henry. That’s not exactly what he said. He said he noticed I hated Henry. Well, Bringer of Pain has earned my response to him. But he hadn’t seen my post from later last night.

And so I explained that I honestly still have no idea what the hell I am doing most of the time. I know that I don’t even run correctly, I don’t strike the ground correctly and my angle of lean is wrong and quite frankly, I know there is a better and more efficient way to run but I don’t know how to get from where I am to where that would be. I’m like that with everything. I know I’m doing stuff wrong, I know the words for how to make it right, but I can’t translate it into body mechanics doing the move.

So, while everyone else did overhead squats, I did push presses after much coaching. I kept my feet planted in the right spot (I hope) tightened my ass, dropped without bending forward and had my knees go out and then popped back up as I pushed the bar overhead with the force of larger muscle groups behind me. I think that’s what I was doing. It was what I was trying to do. On each rep I would think, “ass, knees, feet” and then let my arms move how they normally do without me thinking.

Then we got to the WOD. Thrusters weren’t going to work. I did a hang clean and jerk for each rep, blue band (with kipping – lots of kipping by the end) assisted pull-ups, and a 12″ box with 2 25# plates stacked on it. As I said, the floor was really slick. I was scared to death about coming off the box and screwing up my knee so I sprinkled some chalk on the floor. Ryan said everyone was supposed to step off the box because of the slick floor.

I tried a few box jumps and my knee was pinging on each landing. I had to do step-ups which Craig said aren’t all that impressive, but in the middle of the WOD, I didn’t know where else to go. Ryan wanted me to switch legs with the steps, but I couldn’t lead with my right. I’m lucky I can walk a flight of stairs normally right now, the height was too much strain.

My score for the first AMRAP was 6+10 and I had a whole bunch of beeping most of the time. I never saw anything over 170 and I was lightheaded by that heart rate. The three minute rest was heavenly. On the second AMRAP I only got 6+8 and even though there were seconds left on the clock before the pull-ups, my heart rate was 170 and I was dizzy, so I had to pause and use up the time.

I’m home and my leg is elevated and my knee is being iced as I type. It isn’t sore, but it tried to buckle a couple times while I was fixing breakfast. I will keep an eye on it which is a really odd position. Maybe I will just keep some ice on it.