Fundraising is important. We can do larger things with large sums of money, things that are impossible with a few dollars here and few dollars there. I understand the whole fundraising idea. I believe that research into complex problems cannot be accomplished unless we collect a pool of money first. I understand soliciting friends’ donations for a cause of great and widespread concern. I will not be running a Marathon, but I can support you running yours – especially when you are running to collect money for a worthwhile, certified, charity.

I think it is laudable to donate to charities. I’m impressed when CrossFit Hilton Head holds an event and how many people show up and how much money they raise for very worthy causes. I’m all for this.

On a side note, I need to remember that Conviction Training Facility is now home of CrossFit Hilton Head, but that the name has changed. Today is moving day and while the distance isn’t far, the new location is superior in many ways. I hope the athletes enjoy their new home.

Back to my current concern.

Fundraising for personal goals seems to be more and more pervasive. The idea is something along the lines of, “I have this great opportunity to make my life wonderful but I can’t afford it, so give me some of your money.” What? You want to go on a mission adventure or do something spectacular in a far away land and you want me to fund it while I wallow here in good ole South Carolina doing nothing? Really?

I want to travel the world. I would love to see the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids of Giza, the Coliseum, Buckingham Palace, the Winter Palace, the Amazon jungle, the Grand Canyon, and well, everywhere. All I need is some money, so please send it to me.

I see family and friends and even near strangers in this predicament. They want to do this “great thing” and all they need is cash. They have this desire to spread the word of God or improve their own understanding of the world. There is a charity that lets them travel the world and teach skills needed in impoverished lands. All they need, now that they have this information, is a way to pay for it and the most logical way is to ask me to fund their dream. What?

And it happens. There are many people who are more generous than me and they send money so this can take place. I am amazed. I am amazed that people have the balls to ask for money to fund a personal dream and I am amazed that strangers will fund them.

I am also amazed that poor people send rich people money so the rich people can do amazing things with the amassed cash. Oprah’s Angel Network comes to mind. What in the world is Oprah doing soliciting money from anyone. She has a black American Express card and can afford a purse costing more than my son’s car. Why does she need poor people to send her money? When she builds a school with her name on it, shouldn’t it be her money and not just her idea? But, it is Oprah and so …

When it was Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker soliciting funds, it eventually caught up with them and their lavish lifestyle was their undoing. But how many other “churches” are collecting money under false pretenses? All this astounds me.

Even saying all this, I donate money to charities. I don’t donate money to people asking for funds for a personal dream. I save those dollars so that when the time comes and I have enough of them in a pile, I can fund my own personal dream without asking friends, family, and even mere acquaintances to send cash so I can do something really cool while they sit at home and wait for my updates on how much fun I’m having while I’m doing my good deeds or learning new things or spreading joy and happiness or whatever I’m doing.

Perhaps I’m justifying my miserliness. Perhaps there is really a lack of personal responsibility in today’s world. It is a global place now and we should be able to lean on the globe and get what we want, right? Or conversely, should we plan for our own adventures, scrimp and save our own pennies, and earn our way into our thrilling life?

I’m opposed to creating debt for no good reason. But if you feel your adventure is truly worth it, get a loan or put it on your credit card or do what it takes for you to pay your own way. Perhaps I’m really just a Scrooge or a Grinch or some mean person. But I will never get my fat ass to the Taj if I send my dream money to you so you can get to the Taj. However, if you collect more funds than you need, feel free to support my dream of world travel and send cash or a check to me.